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Action Parramatta

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by gtrfan, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Just venting

    Dropped off my bike at action Parramatta for 5000/annual service and have HEL brake and clutch lines fitted. Monday morning. Was told door open at 7:30. At 8:05 I just ended up leaving it with mechanics waiting to get in as well.

    3:30 get a phone call master cylinder needs rebuild kit as cant build up brake pressure after installing new lines.
    Sounds a bit strange as it was working this morning but Ok go ahead and do it.

    Oh we cant get part from supplier as our boss hasnt paid the bill. There is a shop in Penrith we could try but there will be a bit of freight. It would be cheaper for you to get the parts.

    I cant exactly get to Penrith why dont you see if they can ship it?

    Ill have to check if they have one first. Bike should be ready be the end of the week.

    Well I would like it back tomorrow a the latest. But ring about regarding the parts and call me back in a few minutes.

    Will do.

    So 4pm get answering machine and leave message. 4:30 nothing and I am leaving work so walk to shop and ask.

    Oh it seems to be sorted but the guy couldnt finish it as he had to get home (I can understand this).

    So what was wrong?

    Not sure he didnt tell me.

    Ok ring me in the morning and let me know. I have been a really understanding customer to this point


    9:30am ring up get machine leave message.

    Ring up part department (now parts guy and workshop manager stand next to each other at this place).

    This phone call get heated as the same guy I spoke to yesterday starts getting sarcastic. Then I just said dont said sarcastic about it sunshine.

    Well you dont have to jump down my throat about it.

    Get someone to ring me back and I wont.

    3 min later get a call from manager and bike is ready. Turns out they just needed to use the original banjo. There was some problem with one in hose kit.

    I understand maybe problem with banjo and I will say the mechanics there are pretty good (used to take cb400 honda and didnt have problems. Mechanics would tell me what they have done etc).
    But this kid has put me right off. when I went to pick up he tapping on his mobile with back to the counter.
    Bike is fantastic really happy (mind you was simple tasks). But cant say Ill be rushing back.

    And if you need genuine parts from these guys ..........good luck. And they are a Suzuki dealer!

  2. LOL Action at Parra have a shocking reputation, particularly the workshop and parts dept.

    I'd be real careful riding your bike, inspect the work, you don't want to be shooting down the road to find you have no brakes or something.

    Many stories of riders getting stranded just down the road after picking up bikes that were supposedly fixed.

    I'm a "honda guy" and I avoid them like the plague.
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  3. Its all good rode home in hot weather about 20-30 ks and had can see anything wrong.

    Checked on it half hour ago when cool and no leaks etc. Oil at correct level etc.

    Yeah I aint going back!
  4. Find another shop.
  5. ^^^ wot 'e said
  6. Clutch and brake lines you can fit yourself, I'm assuming you wanted to service it there for a warranty, otherwise you can DIY as well.

    Next time if you're interested PM me with a bit of warning and I'm more than willing to help you out (you do the work and I'll talk you through it).
  7. Jesus........why is this garbage business still in operation. eBay shop is shit, service is shit, quality control is shit, attitude is shit. Faaaaaaaaaaaaark. Me no understandy.