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[Action Parramatta] I can't believe in my mistake

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lucas001, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Yes, their service is very bad...

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  2. No, their service is good...

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  3. Never took my bike there but would like to try...

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  4. Never took my bike there and won't risk it...

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  1. Hi Guys...

    I had a few bikes back in Brazil, my home country, and in Australia I bought my first sports bike a CBR600RR. Everything ok, very nice bike until I had an accident after a bus changed into my lane without indicating and while I was along side it... (scratched all the fairings on the left side, left side indicators broken and small scratches on the swing arm and foot pegs).I didn't suffer any injuries other than a few bruises and aching body. I have insurance and I'm disputing with Sydney buses as at the scene the driver admitted to being at fault and is now denying... but unfortunately not everything is that simple...

    I searched for a Honda dealer close to my place and found Action motorcycles. The store was quite nice and I thought I should take my bike to a Honda Authorized repairer... what a MISTAKE!

    Then you ask me why a mistake... well let's start... The workshop manager by that time was a bloke named Kieran Harris... I left my bike there and filled out a form for what I required them to do (a smash repair quote), which I didn’t sign and didn't get any receipt for that . I thought was strange, what if my bike just disappear?? I don't have any proof that my bike was there... According to him "everything is ok","you don't need anything", "leave with me" he said, and refused to give me any receipt.

    Then the problems start... according to him the quote for the smash repair should take 2 days... after 2 days I called Action and was told by him that the quote was sent to the insurance company. I checked with the Insurance company and they hadn’t received anything. This repeated for the next 2 weeks, I even tried to take my bike for the weekend (once he lied that the quote was sent and the bike was just with cosmetic damage) and was told that I needed to pay for the quote... I wasn’t informed about this when I handed over my bike & it wasn’t stated on the form on in any part of the service department.

    Then the funniest part starts (now is funny, not that at that stage)... remember that at this stage I didn't have any proof for my bike being there? Well someone from the insurance company chasing my bike was told by him that wasn't any CBR600RR there; seriously I almost called the police as this was a theft! Well another week, the sun in the blue sky, crazy for a ride, tried again to take my bike (the insurance company authorized the repair, even thought not knowing exactly how much it would cost). I woke up Saturday 7:30 am and first thing I did was to call Action’s workshop... Keiran pick up the phone and I told him that I was coming to get my bike in 1/2 hour... Believe or not, he said me the workshop was closed he was going home and the information on the website was wrong! (as it stated that the workshop was open til 1.30pm) Could you believe that?! I went there anyway, and was going to call the police as I was sure they were open! Once I got there everything changed… he was calm (probably afraid as I told I was going with police and calling Fair Trade), and gave my bike. I went to Jenolan caves with the guys from Net Rider on Sunday and took the bike back on Monday, keeping my word.

    Well after 3 weeks dealing with this "workshop manager", Kieran Harris was fired (probably by incompetency).

    A new guy started to work there, sent the quote (that was never sent before) and was a bit more responsive answering my calls etc.

    Finally this Saturday (02/02/08), 5 weeks after I started the process, I went to pick up my bike, everything fine until they bring out my joy(please have a look in the pictures attached) and they have put amber indicator instead of matching the clear. I didn't care too much as I'm changing for a flush mount in the front and in the rear I want LED. But once at home I've found that were some parts of the fairings falling apart as well, between the air intakes.

    Well, I'm posting my history to everyone who are thinking of one day taking their precious and beloved motorcycles to Action motorcycles… Please think again because I'm not taking my bike to that place never again... and I will make sure that everybody knows how bad their service is.

    And I couldn’t finish without mention my Insurance Company… Ebike Insurance, the cheapest Insurance (around $850 comprehensive) and so far very good, they paid for everything, even for my gear that were damaged in the accident (free gear cover) and were very very responsive, thanks to Lokesh from Ebike who called me pretty much everyday since to keep me updated about my bike…

    Hope I help someone who is deciding to take their bike to Action, please take it to another repairer.



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  2. Are they a repairer or do they simply farm the job out to someone else to repair?
  3. they are the repairers, have their own workshop and believe or not a Honda Authorized dealer! Everybody that I ask had problems with them! Unfortunately I just asked after the problem happened...
  4. Cue Trevor G. Is this first hand enough for you?! :LOL:

    Sorry you went through that whole situation Lucas. I wonder what bug this kieran guy had up his arse???

    Did you get an apology from Action management??
  5. Well, first time the new guy was there (Ben) he quickly apologized by phone but nothing more than that. The maximum they did was fitting a rear tire for free and gave me 10% in a pair of oggy knobbs.
  6. yeah, Action are the biggest bunch of pr!(ks, I'd never take my bike there. The previous owner of my bike had it serviced at action in the city very religiously (I have the service records), and there's screws missing oil was black, even though it was supposedly changed 1000 kms before i bought it, cables/hoses routed wrongly...

    bah, still not as bad as close ;)
  7. I bought my bike from action in parra and have been there to look at bikes/gear a fair amount since then. When I bought my bike I really had to go to them to talk to them about the bike I was looking at, no one comes up seeing if you need some help. And when I did ask for some help his attitude was terrible, didn't even bother pretending that he was interested in helping me, I had to ask him everything - nothing was forthcoming from his end. It was the end of a bad sales month though so I got the bike cheap after some negotiation.

    Every time that I've been in there its the same story - no one offers help at all. The one in the city is better, but not by much.

    I'd never take my bike for servicing unless I was very, very desperate.
  8. It takes some balls to wheel out a bike with different blinkers after 5 weeks of "repairing"... I'll give them that!
  9. Sales there is no better, at least on my experience. We rang from Wollongong, (a couple of kays from Parramatta :roll:) to ask if they had any second-hand bikes in the $5,000 price range. "Yes", the lady (can't remember her name or I'd certainly post it), said, "We got about 20 bikes in from Canberra overnight, you should have lots to choose from."

    So we drove up to find that her idea of a $5,000 bike was a couple of extremely high-mileage 1984 model Yamaha FJ-1100s :shock:. What a con! I should have demanded my petrol money back.
  10. Spare parts are not much better.

    I had to get bits and pieces for the TTR and even though I paid cash, they wouldn't release until I paid again. (I know, should've kept the reciept)

    The second time (I know I am an idiot for going back) same thing and they had to order in a seat cover. Their policy is for special orders, full payment first, so I thought no dramas here. WRONG!!!

    Went to pick up the cover (about $120) and sure enough they wanted payment again.

    Kicked up a stink, told them to shove the cover and I am going up to MCA to get it ordered as it would've cost the same anyway, and they can just have the cover rotting on the shelves for all I care.

    A manager heard the fuss and to quiet me down in front of the other customers "gave" me the cover to shut me up quickly.

  11. I forgot another case with them... Before Christmas I bought some screws for the windscreen and fairings (around 18 dollars) and paid in advance as they didn't have it there... They should call me once arrived but never got a call back... But I kept the receipt so I just got my money back, but what a lack of good customer service they have...
  12. Sorry to hear about all the dramas Lucas .
    They got balls for even trying to get away with dodgy repairs like that.
    They just don't give a fock. :evil:

    Did I tell you guys about the time I got my brand new cruiser from Actions, this was 1.5 years ago ,but anyways.

    I pick up my bike 0..KM'S on the clock ,they showed me when they brought the bike down from the service area.
    I thought wow cool 0km ,but they didn't give it a run around the block to check it all out.
    {problem #1] I get on and go straight out on to a HUGE intersection out side the dealers ,Light goes green and I go out threw the intersection and mirrors fall down .....and as it the first time I have ridden a cruiser I'm abit dodgy on the clutch and this make the mirrors spin and start to fully unwind from the treads ,I have to stop in the middle of the intersection to wind them back on so they don't fall off and smash on the road ,with cars and trucks beeping all around me . :shock:

    So I travel the 3km home to read the manual as I do with all new things .

    First thing ,is check out to see how this oil window works ,as I had a dip stick on the GS500.
    {problem #2}I level the bike with phone books ,its 100% level and look for the oil level . :? ,can't see any ,all I see is the silver backing. :?
    Not knowing "how" it supposed to look .
    I move on and see where to coolant goes.
    {problem#3} I go to take the cover off and I get a alan key put in on the nut and it falls out. :shock: .
    I go the take the other 2 out and there all very loose ,less then finger tight. :roll: .If I had gone for a good ride ,the cover which is like a small fairing would of fallen off on the road. :mad:

    This is as far as I got ,I didn't want to check any thing else as I was pissed off by this stage and I drove back to the dealers ,to see what the oil is supposed to look like in this "window".
    I walk in and I had to pick up my extra helmet anyways ,so I asked while I was there ,if they could show me how the oil is supposed to look like.
    They grab the same bike ,wheel it out and say have a look ,I see nice bright yellow oil clear as day.
    I say ,Mines got none in it :mad: .
    I tell the sales guy ,to send one of his guys over and if I'm wrong I'll pay $100 for his 20minutes time.
    No problems ,they send this guy down from the service area in a van ,and he follow me 3km home.
    We get there ,I get on the bike and say ,have a look in the window.
    He looks and says AHHH ,there's no oil in it that he can see .
    So he says I'll take it back ...and while loading it in the van ,he's thanking me for not yelling at him .
    I think ,why yell at this guys he's the work shop gofer ,its not his problem.

    So the bike got 3km on it and I have owned it for 45minutes and its being towed back to the dealers.
    I call the head guy at the dealers that sent the van ,and I say its on its way back and I want it RE pre-deliverd ,"all bolts and fluids checked etc".

    So the next day ,I call to see when I can pick it up again ,and he says there real busy and I'm in the back of the Que ,WTF ,I just payed $11,000 for it and I got to wait a week. :evil:

    A few days go by and I go down there to see whats going on ,and I ask to see the bike ,its blocked in by 15 bikes over in the corner with other bike parts siting on the seat and tank. :evil:
    He wheels it over and says ,sorry about the couple of loose bolts and mirrors and ,then say we'll look at the oil.
    See its got oil in it ,they had topped it up to half way and said there was nothing ever wrong with it.
    I say get the gofer ,he said it had no oil into when he come to my place to check .
    So he yells out for some guy and the gofer pops his head out from under a cbr1000r ,Get this he's the head mechanic and then tells me ,yeah there WAS oil in it. :roll:
    I said well ,why did you bring it back here if there was oil in it and why did you thank me for not yelling at you ,you ........
    By this time ,there just turning there backs on me and hoping it will all just go away.
    So I got the bike and left.
    I called Suzuki Australia ,and told them the story and they said they will pick the bike up and take it to any dealer I wanted to have it all check out again and I told them I'll keep going with it and get back to them ,if I have troubles they got this all recorded , they said yes no problems and were pretty good.
    I didn't go over 40kph and babied it home ,and I know its got oil in it from the factory ,so I wasn't to worried .......It ended up fine anyways I sold it a few weeks back and never missed a beat.

    So yeah ,another happy customer from actions ,you can guess what I picked in the Poll. :evil:
  13. Bloody hell. I do that all the time. Pay for the parts and not worry about a thing. Too much faith in the competence of my bike shop perhaps, but all credit to them, they're organised enough not to pull that stunt.
  14. Man, those things piss me off just by reading the stories as I remember how angry I got those 5 weeks! :evil:

    As soon as we got enough reads and posts and pool votes I will send an email to Action Parramatta to show they can mess with us, but they are loosing clients, and the competition will show they are wrong.

    They don't give a S$#%T now... lets see in few years... :mad:
  15. Lucas, that's real bad man, I remember Sled telling me about his nightmare with them, unfortuneatly, I have had many customers telling me horror stories similar to yours from their experiences at Actions. I can remember when they were a respected dealership, albeit many years ago. Piss poor management gives piss poor results I guess.

    Tex & Bundy
  16. Lucas, that's real bad man, I remember Sled telling me about his nightmare with them, unfortuneatly, I have had many customers telling me horror stories similar to yours from their experiences at Actions. I can remember when they were a respected dealership, albeit many years ago. Piss poor management gives piss poor results I guess.

    Tex & Bundy
  17. Lucas, that's real bad man, I remember Sled telling me about his nightmare with them, unfortuneatly, I have had many customers telling me horror stories similar to yours from their experiences at Actions. I can remember when they were a respected dealership, albeit many years ago. Piss poor management gives piss poor results I guess.

    Tex & Bundy
  18. And they change staff like undies, that tells you something when you see new faces everytime you go there.

    Either the management are kuntz, or the the recruiters keep engaging useless staff. Personally i wouldn't piss on them, nobody who wants to charge you $100 to fit 2 new tyres you purchased from them deserves your business IMHO.
  19. I will never buy anything, from chain lube to a motorbike. I'll never take my bike there ever again (though I don't live in the area anymore). They are a bunch of absolute fcukups. They have terrible customer service skills and the whole business has a terrible culture about it - like Tweet says, they change staff every other week.

    I'm shocked that people still take stuff to them, or buy off them.
  20. dont knock auction
    there best quality is there free carpark sitauted in the middle of parra :)
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