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Action motorcycles Parramatta

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cycochild, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. what a joke the spare parts department is went to order some parts on Tuesday of this week paid for them guy said yeah cpl of days should have them all good so rang on Thursday bloke started giving me excuses saying Suzukis system was down and its had to be clear through there accounts department ,strange i thought because i paid cash for it so he said he would ring me by lunch time yesterday to tell me when he would have the parts ,of course no phone call so before i rang them i called up western motorcycles in penrith gave Joe the list of parts he told me strait away the parts were available he could have them for me early next week so rang action of course the excuses started again so i just said cancel order and refunded money ,seems action must have some dispute about credit with Suzuki ,he should have told me strait up i would have gone else where and had parts by now so thumbs down for action mc parramatta and thumbs up for western mc penrith for better service

  2. Would you like to buy a full stop and a few capital letters?
    That was painful to read.
    So in essence Action stuffed you around so you went elsewhere?
  3. no smee i dont want any full stops or capital letters sorry i dont conform to your way of thinking and yes i went else where i just like to let people know what happen so they can be wary
  4. I thought he went hot air ballooning with a donkey and a giraffe. But when I don't have the patience to read something painful I usully insert my own story.
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  5. Well you won't last long on these forums then and any credibility is lost if you write like a 3 year old.
    No one will read your guff and instead make fun of it.
    It's not conformity it's common etiquette to be legible.
  6. lol bloody grammmar police. thanks op for the info im look.ing around for a new bike and wanted a.goo d service shope
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  7. I think ^that bloke^ just bought a llama or something. Can't really tell.
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  8. good grief.
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  9. So they got your parts in but the "system" wouldn't let them hand them over to you? Or did they never get your parts in?
  10. Joe @ Westerns would one of the best spare part interpreters I have come across.
    Don't bother with the rest if your in Sydney.

    Low staff turnover is also a very good indicator of a place I have found.

  11. Picture of said adventure please!!! :worthlesspics:

    I hope the giraffe didn't get hurt! They seem to get hurt on man made adventures :(
  12. [​IMG]

    The giraffe fell off.
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  13. Lol Bloody seagulls! Giraffes are prone to injuries - must be from sticking their necks out!