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Action MC Melbourne Closing Down Sale

Discussion in 'VIC' started by pete the pom, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Action Motorcycle will close down on the 30th june. They are having a sale on all things in their store. Some things are 50% off. Get in and grab a bargin before it too late.

  2. The address would be helpful.
  3. 19 Flemington Road (Just around the corner from Elizabeth Street)
  4. I was going to ask that question, but prased a little differently, myself.
  5. How can you be a biker in Melbourne and not no where Actions is?
  6. Because I can. Have gone to a lot of stores but not normally out of my way.

  7. I know where action is located, but avoid going there at all costs. They have always been rude and unhelpful towards me each time I have gone in. I will however, go in and gloat that they will be no more, and grab some bargains for myself!
  8. So not a biker because I don't know every motorcycle outlet in melbourne.....ok studying the yellow pages now to become a biker :p
  9. I have a feeling my Karma is about to take a pounding!
  10. Don't worry about it Pete, you would have got a pounding for being a POM anyway.........
  11. Not me mate, not that vindictive (yet)
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. my mrs went there and got some great bargains and one of the fellas there named john was very helpful.
  13. I was there yesterday and I didn't see too many great deals. They had some leathers for 25% off, and some helmets between 10-20% off, but I didn't see the 50% off stuff... (they had one small table with extreme discount items - such as oggy knobs for $49 - but only for a limited selection of models).
  14. -1 on your Karma

    PS can someone explain to me what soap is?
  15. As far as I am aware, Action motorcycles originated in NSW. (Refer to advertisements in Aust motorcycle magazines)
    From memory it has been in its current location for may be 5 years.

    I wonder if they are staying in Victoria.
  16. no more in melb.. i heard peter stevens is going to be suzuki dealer and the mechs are going there. but as for the rest dont know..
  17. No. Their going back to NSW. The VIC store is closing down for good. All bikes and left over gear will be split between the ACT and NSW stores.
  18. Cheers, Lads.
    I'll pay my last visit.
  19. Hey G you interested in having a look tomorrow afternoon, I finish work around 2.30 or so and could be in there around 3pm if you are interested. I do need a new set of boots and if they have any good deals I could be tempted.
  20. This is interesting! If I would have said 'Peter Stevens in the city' how many people would have known where I was talking about? Is Actions closing down because it wasn't agresive enough in the market place with advertising so people didn't know where it was and inturn didn't shop there?