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Action in Parra havin a sale

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Siwagod, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Just stopped in at Action Motorcycles in Parramatta on my way back from the RMS. They've got some pretty big sales on at the moment for gear.

    Crap load of gloves.

    Had some 1 and 2 piece leather suits going for like $300-$400 in 3XL and some other bigger sizes if any of our bigger riders are in need of something new.
    Bunch of Berik suits going for around a grand too.

    Limited brand selection though, lot of Berik and Alpinestar.

    Don't think they can compete with like MCAS, but just thought I'd mention in case anyone in the area is looking to pick up some track gear or throw around stuff for cheap.

  2. FWIW, don't go in there in the accessories side expecting any customer service. IMHO, I get more customer service paying $5 from McDonalds than $100 in the bit I bought from these so called shop. Doing an Internet search shows I'm not the only one that gets alienated at that "shop"
  3. Kind of glad you brought that up. Shows my experience was pretty spot on. I walked in and the gear area was deserted of staff, I asked a staff member for some help as he walked past and he said
    "Nah I don't work in that area, just hang out, someone will probably show up in 5-10 minutes."

    I was like "Errr, alright." Figured they were on lunch or something, but still, was a shock compared to walking into MCAS where I immediately had like 3 people trying to help me.
  4. MCAS is alright for what they are. Sort of feels like they are on the same level as Myers or something where you can walk around in MCAS and not get served which is fine but if you do ask someone, they're somewhat helpful and at least they don't grunt and fob you off. Plus they don't discriminate based on the type of bike you ride.
  5. I do get that 'bigger shopping mall' feeling from MCAS, but so far I have been very pleased with their service. I've been in twice now and bought boots, jeans, jacket, gloves, helmet and another visor. Both times upon entering, I've had someone come up to me as I've headed into the clothing area and ask if I'm after anything.

    What places discriminate based on your type of bike? Sounds pretty retarded.
  6. I went in and got a Joe Rocket jacket for 50 bucks and he threw in a pair of Rocket gloves.....go figure....
  7. Yeah MCAS was pretty good to me with a heap of gear I just bought. First time I got some pretty big discounts which was great, second time only got about $100 off my $1500 purchase, which in comparison to the previous deal wasn't to much.

    Oh well, I suppose it evens out.
  8. MCAS FTW! I think action wants to sell more bikes than apparel so if you're there for a bike yes they will help you. but apparels are 2nd priority.

    Been to MCAS to many time and bought so many stuff from them. never disappointed.
  9. I find action better......these deals they have seems to be ongoing, their Madif gear is always <$500 and their Berik suits gear $600 to $900. A few of us saggy bum clubs bought beriks. Next time im buying overseas for all black Held suits..........Ive got no complaints with Berik and actually love em, but I like held too and like their black/black designs.
  10. What is this Saggy bums?
  11. As Goz....he is the founding member :)
  12. I don't know what it is but I want everything of it.
  13. By default, the arse of a one-piece suit is baggy... hence "saggy bum" club for those who bought Berik suits in the sale a couple of years ago.
  14. one or two piece...baggy, its better than calling it nappy bum club lol.
  15. MCAS... Last time i went in there one of the guys was outright bitching about me trying on boots..

    Was pissin on about me messing up the boots in the wrong boxes. Big girl...
    If i was doing that i could understand but i was actually putting them all away as i found them and even tidied up some of their shoe area as i went along...

    Went upstairs to there discount area and the guy there was very helpful.
  16. I've been into MCAS a few times now, and spent enough money on gear there. I like the fact that their #1 product is bike gear and apparel. They have always been helpful to me, and I like the fact that if you are looking for a specific item, you can pretty much ask any staff member about it, and they can find it for you.

    I recently got a new pair of Rjays Altitude boots, and another pair of Draggin jeans for about half of the normal price. You can buy plenty of run-out items upstairs that are still perfectly good, but are just last years stock or whatever, at a substantial discount.

    For me, MCAS is like "Bunnings for Bikers" - I love it!! (and pretty much every rider I have spoken to has been there or at least knows of it)

    Just my $1.95 + P & H worth :p
  17. Only problem with mcas is they are a rip off
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  18. Are there many other options online? Doesn't seem to be many stores that ship overseas for some bits. Unlike cycling, it doesn't seem that kind of competition globally is set up for