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Action gear sale.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by munecito, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. I received a letter from Action group and they are having a sale in riding gear.


  2. dates & location might be handy for some !
  3. Acton motorcycles NSW.

    City, Parramatta and Liverpool(?)

    And the sale is on now.

  4. ^^^^ thank you!!

    your a champ
  5. Any one know the pricing to Dainese > Kirishima ? (after special)

    The price on the site says - Restricted.
  6. i just got back from there, they have a load of junk, all the good stuff is the same price, (helmets, leather jackets etc)
    Draggin jeans were 15% off

    so if u wanna save 30 bux.

    the bikebiz sale was much bigger

  7. good... I need to replace my gloves and tinted visor that were stolen with my bike.
  8. they had a crapload of gloves, but all the good leather A*, Icon etc weren't on sale.
  9. How long is the sale going for?
  10. Any Idea on how long the sale is going to be on for, I want to pick up a dririder jacket and/or some draggins for cheap :D
  11. ^^^ i dont know man, but u better go get the draggins, i bought a pair from der, and they didnt have much left.
  12. Typical of bullshit sales.

    Put out the flyers, get the suckers to come in to a sale that is designed simply to get you through the door.

    All the good gear "isn't on sale" but hey, this crap that we can't shift that we bought cheap from China is on sale"

    There should be a law that outlaws that practice. Then there should be someone that actually polices said law.
  13. Your post made me larf Vic; but hey its true. Thats one of many
    documented dodgy practices retailers use to get people thru their doors.