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VIC Action against speed cameras 'saved lives' Sir Ride a LOT is vindicated!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Why am I not suprised!
    Web page has more details of locations...


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  2. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    Does it mention how many kittens were spared?

    Does this help prove that increased police presence is more effective for safer driving than cameras?
  3. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    1. even if on kitten is saved it is worth it.

    2. whether it helps prove anything is up for debate but the Pilice Union is obviously using it to promote the values of a more visible Police presence in the general public. In essence....more funding for more police.
    However the battle will be to convince that to a Government when they have also realised they missed out on 56,000 motorists paying fines.
  4. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    That red light camera on Terminal Drive/Centre Rd, Melbourne Airport is such a joke ! I mean, one of the busiest locations on a weekday morning, with a plethora of cars (many taxi's, bus shuttle companies etc etc) trying to drop off passengers to the thier respective terminals...and they go and put a '40' zone there...
    If that isn't 'Revenue Raising' I don't know what is !
    I've had to get out at those lights, due to buildup of traffic (I reckon there's some probability of it due to the reduced speed limit) and walk up the ramp for those morning sign on times....

    In addition to the above, I witnessed a car sail through the lights, at what seemed like 60km/hr +, without a flash going off. Have 'they' switched it off ? Made enough money (as stated above), have we ?

    Though sometimes I wonder if it's strictly revenue raising etc. I mean if anyone's to blame, it's the drivers ! EVERY time I'm in the car or out on 2 wheels, trying to be a law abiding citizen, I am ALWAYS overtaken by drivers (rarely riders - we are 'sensible').

    Then we wonder...
  5. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    If cameras are primarily for "safety" and a visual presence has seen a decline in the number of infringements, then shouldnt mind at all at missing their pockets being lined a little less.
  6. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    Also, they should clearly mark all fixed and mobile cameras.
  7. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    Agree 100% TGM.
    In Vic, the cameras are mostly hidden or 'camouflaged' to 'catch us out'. Sure they might have signs (eg Eastlink Freeway) advising of Speed Cameras In the Area etc..but unless one knows where the assholes hide them, it would be a mystery !

    I will again mention how much I prefer NSW's signage and clear view of speed cameras. On every street I had ridden through, there seems to always be 3 'warning' signs leading up to the camera, which is in FULL VIEW - nothing is hidden, nothing is trying to 'catch you out'. If you speed, albeit these warnings, then it's the individuals prerogative (idiot!).

    I loathe the Vicpol public statements referring to 'Speed cameras save lives'... If they weren't 'stealthy' in their approach, maybe more would 'agree' and not feel so 'threatened' by these commando intimidation tactics...
  8. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    So visual police presence saves lives, but elsewhere they support unsignposted cameras and mobile cameras???
  9. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    NSW has 3 signs for speed only cameras and 1 sign for speed and red light cameras.

    And 1 after the camera for mobile speed cameras

    We still get cops hiding in the bushes with Lidar.

    Our fatality rate for motorcycles per 100000 population is lower than Victoria, take that as you will.

    BTW Nickers don't get in a fizz because I am correcting you, I am just clarifying it.
  10. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    you would hope this was the case but anything that decreases revenue no matter what the offset is never sits well with a political party.
  11. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    Is it?
  12. I thought vic was lower than nsw at 5.? Per 100,000 and nsw in the 6.? Region that's from memory not stats so could be wrong.
  13. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    Vertical C,
    I'll only reply to your idiotic comment (haven't had enough, have you ?) because you are right on one thing - I don't mind being 'corrected' by those in the 'know'...I am corrected daily and am actually open to it - I am NOT perfect but I am a highly skilled individual..in what I do generally.

    One thing I won't do, however knowledgable on a certain topic, is try and portray like I DO know it all..get my drift ?

    Thanks for the clarification of NSW cameras though.
  14. ok, who did, who did it I say, which mod did it.....................?
    Changed the title of my thread.....:p

    at last onya SRA..... hahaha
  15. Not me...but (y)
  16. Farrq, I am gobsmacked.

    Many people have been arguing the same point now for years. VP upper hierarchy and their partners in slime would have none of it, but the truth will out. To hear these words from the Police Association is music to my very surprised ears. Of course there is self-interest in their statement, but I care not.

    As Jon Faine said recently, do not cross the Police Association if you want to stay in power.
  17. Re: Action against speed cameras 'saved lives'

    We both have 60-70 fatals a year on motorcycles, but you have a population of 5.5M compared to over 7M for NSW.
  18. Post Retracted.