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(ACT) worst day in my life !!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by the_beast, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. I had the shittiest day yesterday.I am from canberra and I have had my 650 dragstar since Wednesday. Here in canberra it has been raining since then, so i had done maybe 50km to and from work all under 80kphs.

    Any way I get up Saturday morning to beuatiful blue sky's :grin: and think today i am riding to bungendore and then to my brothers in womboin and then back home. Jump on the new cruiser and head out on my first decent ride. I stop at the servo in hume and have a guy on a hd admire my bike while i filled, i then left and head through queanbeyan towards bungendore which was awesome !!! My first proper ride when i get to open the bike up and go through some good turns, 0 traffic on the way out to bungendore!!

    So get to bungendore and think i might just stop into the leather shop to have a look around. Park out the front and go inside. I am in there for about 20 minutes and when i come out my f--king number plate and rego sticker are gone :mad: . They where there when i got off because i got my wallet out of my panniers and noticed that the rego cover was cracked. I don't know who would flog them but they are gone. Have to be pretty gutsy as there where a fair few people round.

    I think f--k it i am riding home and if i get pulled over i will explain tothe cops what happened. Jump on start up the bike and ride about 50 meters down the road and i have a f--cking flat rear tyre, Man i was pissed. Went to the caltex to tire and pump it up but it was stuffed, had to ring a mate with a trailer to come and get me !! What a shit f--king day and i was hoping to at least do 100kms on my new bike but oh well now i have to wait till next weekend if i can get it fixed !!

    Can anyone suggest any where in canberra that will pick up your bike and fix flat tyres ? I am thinking i will take it to Mick Owens motorcycles as i have heard they are good !!
  2. Have a look and see if you can't see what is wrong with it. Is it a screw(or similar) or did someone pull the valve stem out(whilst appropriating the number plate)?

    Either way you may be able to fix it at home.
  3. Hal Caston at TJ's tyres is a good man. See him.
  4. I put my number plate on with two rounded off bolts, Im not planning on taking them off
  5. People are stealing number plates to put them on vehicles for the purpose of not paying for petrol :(. Sorry that they picked on you.
  6. Re: worst day in my life !!!

    +1 to what hornet said, plus make sure you report it as they will hold you accountable if you don't and someone does a ride off
  7. yep, they won't pay, but if you haven't reported it, you might
  8. You must have had a pretty good life thus far...
  9. :rofl:
  10. oh and i'm a big fan of mick owen, only used them twice but they have gone out of their way to help me out
  11. +1

    If that's the worst day of your life....


    I could post up about the worst day of my life, then you would think you had a farking great day!
  12. I don't think he meant it literally, guys :roll:.
  13. +1 TJs is a champ
  14. Thanks for the advice guys, and i apologise for saying it was the worst day of my life. what i should have said was worst day of my motorcycle owning life!! I will probably get mick owens to fix up the bike and i didi report it to the police straight after i got home !!
  15. And afaik, rego stickers are also hot property, whice is why I :roll: every time I see a bike sticker affixed to the windscreen. Apparently tafe/uni out east are quite popular to pinch rego stickers. they peel the paper license plate and vin number off the old sticker, and attach it to the new one. from a distance, correct year colour, valid month. (My old man's chookie had the rego holder broken off while my sis was riding it to uni, found out that it is common later.)

    Also, I had a customer recount what happened to a pet-roll of his, Knox (shopping complex) carpark, the numberplate was fatugued then ripped out of the rear door, leaving holes in the rear door steel. if they're desperate enough, they'll destroy your fender to get it.
  16. sorry to hear. but also glad to hear it wasnt an accident or something similar. clicked on the thread thinking not another accident! :p
  17. yeah it could have been alot worse, but for a learner rider who has only haad his bike for 4 days i think it was pretty bad !!
  18. That's crazy!

    Some people.....

    What does it cost to fill a motorbike, $10, $20?
    Hardly worth a criminal record and ruining another blokes day by stealing his stuff a deflating a tyre.

    I blame this guy.
    Highly suspicious! :LOL:
  19. Sorry to hear about it mate!

    The same thing happend to me once. On my CBR250RR... But it was out the front of work.

    Dont worry about it man! at least the bike wasnt taken!
  20. when was the last time your filled yoru tank up from almost dry?

    i worked it out off this weekends prices once i'm at the second stage of the fuel light on my gixxer i will be looking at $35 to fill my gixxer with 98

    they justify theior actions by thinking that petrol prices are robbery, plus they just don't care