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(ACT) who wants to go riding this weekend?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ricecooker, May 15, 2007.

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  1. It's amazing... I have a mostly free weekend... so instead of doing housework, etc... I wanna go riding for a change! LOL.

    Am working Sat morning finishing about 11ish.

    So who wants to go riding?

    Could do something a bit local Sat lunchtime/arvo...

    Or maybe coast run on Sunday, burgers at Malua Bay?

    Or any other suggestions :grin:
  2. wheres that? :LOL:

    i think i will be up for this, gonna be sitting at home on my lonesome for that weekend and the following week
  3. Sounds good, as long as the weathers going to be ok....
  4. I didn't even look at the weather... just thinking about them burgers... (damn being stuck at work and HUNGRY!!! :LOL: ) and, of course, the Clyde :grin: :grin:

    Okay, maybe if we meet at 10:00am... at Bungendore?

    Weather dependant :cool:
  5. grr wheres malua bay? i'm being serious :shock:
  6. 10 am on sunday will be fine for me
  7. 7kms down beach rd at batemans bay james. so that would be left at the lights near macca's
  8. ah right cheers joel its all the bay to me :LOL:
  9. forecast for sunday is "sunny, 8-19c and only 5% chance of <5mm rain" which means it will be a ripper!
    the resurfacing on the clyde is finished, so the top section - from the 70km/h zone to pooh bears - is nice and smooth :grin: full credit to tropic asphalt they did a great job (not my boys) just be aware that it may not have been linemarked yet ;)
  10. Yeah sunny days.
    10 am sounds good for a meet, where at in Bungendore?
    Is it the nice smooth stuff Joel or the nasty gravely gear?
  11. Already got my Saturday planned out:

    - Ride at around 11:30-12pm.
    - Queanbeyan at 1:15pm to not watch the girlfriend play netball.
    - 2pm homebew tasting.
    - 3:30 - 5pm, walking round Cambah until my BAC drops sufficiently so I can legally ride.
  12. OI! nasty gravelly is my area of expertise!! it makes me a squillion $$ a year

    yeah, she's the nice smooth stuff there :)
  13. its gonna be a coast run on sunday kier so no excuses :LOL:
  14. O RLY?

    I thought you guys were talking about Saturday for some reason...well I'm keen for Sunday as well but we will see how the girlfriend feels.

    I haven't done any riding since the last coffee meet so I'm going to spend Saturday getting my eye in.

  15. :rofl:

    nope definately sunday, mel said she was working til 11 on saturday so a 10am meet up wouldnt work
  16. I'll be on the usual roads after about 11am up until when I go to listen to music and play Doom RPG on the phone while pretending to watch my girlfriend play Netball.

    If you see me, feel free to buzz past me :p

    I think it's about time I popped my Clyde cherry, hopefully be there on Sunday.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.