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{ACT} Who bought my Triumph Daytona 675 (Black, <700km)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by d675, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Who bought my Triumph Daytona 675 (Black, <700km) from Canberra? - Please contact me as I have spare keys!

    I am about to head over to the UK (2wks left) but I do not have your contact details anymore. I found the spare set of keys for the Xena brake lock and a spare key for the bike. I would like to get these to you but don't have your contact details. I remember that you said that you saw my for sale advertisement on netrider so I am hoping that you see this posting and get in touch with me.

    I believe that you were located in VIC and that the bike was purchased for a female rider (husband rode a GSXR750), so if anybody sees a female rider on a black D675 then let them know about the posting.
  2. Whoever bought this is a bastard for beating me to it. Beat me like I beat all the other buyers to the 'white' blooded italian I'll be taking delivery of in less than 12 hours and am so excited I'm segwaying it into every post I can. :LOL:
  3. Hey there taiheung :grin: the couple that bought the bike were very nice people! At least it went to a good home, though I think you would have treated it very well as well. You missed it by that little bit on the purchase.

    I am trying to do the right thing and trying to get the keys to them. The ACT motor registry will not give me the buyers contact details because it is a privacy issue, even though I gave them the details when I bloody transferred the vehicle! They will not even forward my contact details to the buyer on my behalf.

    I have checked through all my emails and bank statements but to no luck as I just don't have their details. Or details of my motorbike anymore.

    I will try to get my VIN from my original dealership and see if anyone has that VIN on the Triumph Aust. network, or try giving that VIN to the cops to see if they can assist (though the cops may be too busy for that kind of stuff).

    Does anyone have any further ideas on how I can get the keys to the buyer?
  4. Have you tried putting a message on the Triumph 675 forums? If you're not a member and don't want to sign up, I have a friend who will probably post something for you.
  5. I am a member and will be doing tht next!
  6. they may have already gone to MR MInute to cut a spare key. You worry too much, your bike is gone, let it go. :wink:

    my bike came with a spare that doesnt even work :LOL:
  7. Did you call them on your mobile or house phone? The house phone bill may have an itemised call list...
  8. Tomcatalex - yeah, I do miss it. It was as good as new and perfectly upgraded. At least I still have the pictures that I can enjoy. I still have all the riding gear that I will keep should I buy a ride in the UK (maybe a scooter to zip through damn London traffic). Imagine being fully kitted with a Dainese jacket and Sidi boots on a scooter! :oops: It would be overkill as I would most likely cycle faster than a scooter in London traffic. :p

    The Xena alarm disc lock has 3 keys that I don't think can be cut. Imagine locking that sucker on and then working out you have lost the only set of keys! :mad: Trying to take that off would be an utter b***h and a very loud experience.

    rs101 - number was on mobile but has since been deleted. Prepay does not keep an account of calls made.
  9. Even if you dont find them in two weeks you can leave it in Aust with someone trustworthy while the word is out.

    Do these people reside in Canberra?

    Perhaps sharing the Rego plate no. may help if someone here sees the bike parked around regularly?

    PS: Good to know that there are still a few considerate people around :)
  10. it couldnt cost more than a couple pound to post them back if/when you hear from the new owners.
  11. The buyers are from VIC. I just don't want to be carrying keys with me OS. I may end up losing them especially if I am living out of a backpack and travelling a lot. I'll probably leave it with a friend.
  12. contact Charlie at Turn 1 motorcycles (Melb). Don't have the number or suburb handy as I'm from Sydney but I think it is Kensington VIC.

    He services and modifies lots of Triumphs for VIC owners, and there is a good chance they may have either gone there, or may go there at some stage in the future.

    Otherwise I guess the best you could do is ring Triumph with the VIN and ask them to perhaps pass a message on if the new owners have changed the ownership details with them.
  13. all i can see is thats pretty good of you mate, going out of your way to return the keys, most people would of tossed them in the bin by now, need more people in this world like yourself, good luck with your holidays mate, safe travels...
  15. yeah, london looks hairy on the bicycle and probably just as bad on a scooter. The hamster struggled because he rides slow and is too polite! even the girl on the bike at the start told him to ride faster. it is just a matter of timing the lights though that is not always possible. i will test it out and see how it goes.
  16. how about riding a pushbike with your full kit + sidi boots :p

    it would be high-larious :p
  17. If i bought a bike second hand , i wouldnt want some stranger with my rego plate details and a set of keys :mad:

    cant trust many people these days
  18. I agree mate, but you see, there already is 'some stranger' with their 'rego plate details and a set of keys'. Just because he's the stranger they bought the bike off doesn't make him any more or less trustworthy than a person who he nominates (his best friend, cousin, mother etc). It wasn't suggested that he give it to a random person on netrider. Furthermore, I was merely proposing that he let netrider know the no. plate so we can inform the individual if we run into them, not that he give us the keys lol.

    Destroying the keys can't be the only moral solution.

    International mail is something I prefer not to use when posting important irreplaceable stuff but I guess its a risk one could take.
  19. The rego would have been changed as the vehicle was interstate and when transferred. unless the buyer has his barrel redone, which is unlikely, the keys would still be good. i have the VIN and before handing over the keys there are some specific questions that only the buyer would know the answer to. in regard to the xena alarm disc lock keys, they cannot be cut.