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[ACT/VIC] Canberra; best route? travelling from Tullamarine

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by reeza, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Don't ask me why but my partner and I have the week off before Easter and feel like a bit of a drive (the bikes been band on this one) and decided we both haven't been to Canberra before so that's where will go.

    But I don't want to drive the Hume I prefer to take the back way through the Dividing Rage and through some National Parks etc.. even spend a night or too before we get to Canberra.

    Leaving from Tullamarine does anyone have some suggestion on a route and some points of interest or stay overs along the way.

    Would you go as far as Bairnsdale and do the Snowy Mtns, or go up the east coast? Looking at the map Eden and Merimbula look nice to, maybe not even go to Canberra.

    I know I'm not taking the bike so I hope you don't mind me posting this, but I am using the Australia Motorcycle Atlas to work out a route :)

    You can also talk me out of going to Canberra :p


  2. You basically have two options.


    Or Coast as far as Batemans Bay, then back in land, over the Clyde
  3. B.bay then along the Kings Hwy, great road for a rid...ooops sorry drive ( yawn). I am a true dork, I like Canberra, I could spend hours in the War museum.
  4. If your after scenerey and picturesque places to stop etc.. take the coast route and head back across over the Clyde Mountain (Kings Highway?) at Batemans Bay. Good trip.
    The Hume Highway up isn't too bad but as far as nice places to go if your on a trip, I think the coast is the way to roll. The other way I believe is faster, but not quite as "Lovely" :grin:.

    The only problem with the going along the Coast is that Sydney spews it's population out along the entire South Coast every holiday season and there may be some traffic issues to contend with, but if your not in a hurry, "who gives a S#$%"
  5. Go along the coast. If you stop over night, Eden has great scenery. And the "Top" pub has the best meat raffle I've ever been to, the publican came out in top hat and tails, everyone got into it, heaps of prizes ( some boobie prizes) it went for ages, it turned into a good night. It was on a Thursday night but that was about 5 years ago.
  6. So maybe right along the coast to Bateman Bay via Eden etc.. say stopping a night or two along the coast then into Canberra via Kings Hwy.

    Would you come home via the Hume or maybe through the Snowy and National parks maybe Comma/Barry Hwy?

    Thanks for the replies so far.

    I'm getting excited about going to Canberra :p