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ACT stay upright P test?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sc00b, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. I can't seem to find any info on the tams or stay upright site - what is tested, what exercises should I be practising etc? I'm assuming it's somewhat similar to the NSW test, slow speed manoeuvering, obstacle avoidance, ebraking?

    I'm looking at booking soon and want to be prepared, so any tips, info etc would be great. :grin:
  2. It's the MOST test same as NSW. A slalom, a sharp, narrow left hand turn, U-turn, braking test and fast swerve.
  3. scoob head out to epic, behind the grand stand where they judge pro-street at the nats, the ACT course is marked out for people to practice

    the ACT test is actually harder then the NSW over thge border everything is more spread out when it comes to the cone weave and the u-turn

    but go to the the rta website www.rta.com.au and click on licensing and follow the links regarding the most test
  4. Check out www dot stayupright dot com dot au/learners_act.htm and scroll down to the section titled Provisional Licence Riding Assessment
    They have a table with the differences.

    This link will take you to a map of the obstacle course: www dot rta dot nsw dot gov dot au/licensing/downloads/most.pdf

    As qbnspeedfreak said, check out the car park at EPIC to practice :)

    Sorry - had to use dodgy links as forums rules will not let me post links.
  5. Gld you posted this scooB. :)
  6. qbnspeedfreak, thanks for the epic tip.

    I'm pretty confident with slow speed manoeuvers in real world situations but I've found that if I'm looking down to make sure I'm staying within the lines I'm more likely to lose balance & have to put a foot down. So being able to practise the actual exercises, without chalk in a carpark guessing the distances, will be great.

    Maz, thanks for the links. I have no idea how I missed that on the stayupright site :?

    From what I've read on the NSW test they get a practise session first, is it the same for ACT?
  7. apparently you can book in to do it before the test, but it's not compulsory like NSW, if you fail the MOST then you have to do the pre-provisional course
  8. Ah, ok. Has anyone here done the pre-provisional course? Worth doing?
  9. hey kat,
    I ride a little, old black gpx that is easily identifiable by the red hibiscus print seat - if you see me round come say hi! Mercy.
  10. pennybrain did the ACT pre-pprovisional

    i did it for the nsw MOST it is definately worth it, as you spend the best part of the day going through the course on the bike before you do the actual test
  11. I wouldn't pay for the course - just go do the test - if you fail the test then you get to do the course for free... and if you pass... well you've passed!

    I've known a few people who've deliberately failed so they get to do the course.

    I also believe the test is marked out in the carpark behind U-Stow It in Kambah, I have been to practice sessions there, though Sunday morning is not a good time as there is a church there that uses the car park.

    Also, don't forget that Stay Upright run the practice mornings I think the first Saturday of the month? $10.00 and you get to do a run through of the test with the instructors there etc. Probably worth checking out.

  12. cheers, ricecooker! I think I'll just try & get some practise in on my own then, maybe try to get to one of the sat mornings and just do the test.
  13. I just chalked out the course in a small carpark where there was no traffic and just praticed until my wrists got sore and I started to stuff up the weave turns.
    I was not 100% confident when i went for my test but I ended up acing it and managed a nice big stoppie in the braking test. Good day for all. :)



  14. I agree totally, I dropped my bike practicing out at EPIC, sooo much better than dropping a bike during the test lol. Practice practice practice. Although I am retarded, I managed to pass the test with no losses on a midweight cruiser from practicing out at EPIC. I also did some stuff out at Kambah as well. Highly recommend trying both.
  15. Couple quick questions as im doin P's test this coming weekend.

    Can anyone confirm the U-Turn Width for ACT Provisionals test?
    6.1 metre?
    5 metre?

    it says 6.1 metre in the MOST article i downloaded, but that was from a NSW website. for some reason i keep thinking 5 metres.

    also, the U Turn, its ONLY going to be clockwise isnt it? there is no need for an anti clockwise U turn on Australian roads correct? (if u did go anticlockwise u would start on the wrong side of the road yes?) :?

    The Cone weave, says cones 4 metres apart, with 60cm offset.
    is that 60cm offset from the Centre Line? or 30cm from centre line (60cm width betwen cones)

    Also, can someone please confirm exact location of the course at EPIC.
    the grandstand??? being the one overlooking the main oval track in the centre??? are these lines painted down on the road?

    Thanks in advance
  16. Hrmmm....

    nobody has anything to say hey...? :(

    i just measured out 5metres... AGAIN, rode round it, i have found that i can barely, or only just make it. i pushed the bike round it, steering full lock, and the bike can only JUST make it round. Gee i hope their 5metres is bigger than my 5metres... :LOL:

    thanks for the replies guys n girls [-X
  17. It's 5.5m if your bike is under 500cc, and 6-ish if it's over 500cc. If you're doing it in 5m you'll be fine.


    Can't remember, but it's a lot easier than the U turn so you'll be fine.

    It's behind the big grandstand visible from Flemington Rd, I don't really know how to explain it any better. The lines are painted on the carpark. The course is also marked out in a carpark near U-Stow It in Kambah if that's closer for you.
  18. Thanks ausjc.

    i did find the course marked out at Epic, except for the cone weave slalom thing.

    ah well, doin the test this morning in 2 hours, let you know how i go.

  19. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine. Just remember where your feet are - the only points I lost were for kicking over a cone whilst stationary :oops: :LOL:
  20. Alrighty,

    just got home, Passed the P's Test - 0 points.

    not bad at all.

    We only had 4 people in our group.
    the first bloke failed, poor guy, he:
    hit one cone, and put his foot down once during the cone weave.
    Just touched the line on the U-Turn.
    that was enough to Fail him, and he went on his way.

    the next bloke was good, passed, 0 points.
    i had my go, passed fairly easily, got a bit unbalanced on the cone weave, i think cos i was nervous.
    and the last bloke used one of their cb250's. i left before he had finished, dunno how he went, hopefully well.

    all in all, iw as a bit worried over Nothing.
    the Test is Easy if you are a competant rider, and practice a little before the test.

    By for now.

    * also, it seems that the cone weave, the cones are only offset 30cm from the Centre line. so 60cm between cones. cones 4 metres apart.

    the U-Turn seemed to be between 5.5 and 6 metres.

    the quick stop is EASY, hit those brakes hard, dont Skid, as it increase's braking distance.

    the Swerve also is EASY, there is heaps of room, you only have to swerve Out, not back in again.