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[ACT] Speed Vans

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by blaringmike, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone know if the mobile speed camera vans used in the ACT can get you on a bike?

    Seeing you dont have a front number plate do they have a camera facing the other way so when you go past they take a photo of you then? If so do they use the speed they clock you at from the front or do they have the speed gun pointed out the back and get you when you go past?

    I havn't been done for speeding (as far as I know) but I'm am just curious about the way the vans operate. Has anyone been done for speeding on their bike by a speed van?

  2. The van operators can point the speed gun out the front or back of the van, so as long as you slow down to the speed limit as you move away from it (i.e showing it your plate) you'll never get down. Of course it's easier to tell at night when they have their big flashes out, but of course then you'll get blinded by it as you speed past.
  3. Also depends on position, they can shoot traffic approaching, traffic leaving or both directions. If they are on a medium strip they can get you, or even on small streets provided traffic on the other side isn't blocking the van's camera view.
  4. Hadn't considered that, good to know. On a somewhat related note, I'm on my bike L's but have my full car license if I'm done for speeding on my bike will they just take the points off my car license?
  5. No, I think you're in the same situation of all L-platers i.e they look at the fine and if they think it's bad, they'll take your licence, otherwise they'll let you off with just the fine. I'm in the same situation (full car, L's on the bike) as you.
  6. Ah ok, I better be a little more careful then. hmm, so what happens when we get our P's? Any chance we get an extra 4 points?
  7. NO, but doing the 'P Off' course you get 8 points rather than 4.
  8. That's a non-issue, I did P-off when I was on my P's.
  9. My Car P-Off lapsed over onto my motorbike too! So maybe the same for you. let's hope so!
  10. Okay, so I'm guessing that I'll just keep my 12 points and any points I lose on the bike will just come off that? Not that I'm planning on losing any, just curious how it works.
  11. you have 12 for your car, and 8 of the 12 also apply for the bike. So you could loose your bike licence and have 4 points on your car licence. Technically, nobody plans to loose points.
  12. ah, I see. thanks for that marksy, I am probably more likely to get done riding than driving so it's good to know. cheers, mercy.
  13. i had a few mates loose their bike licences, all from stupid things. Thems the breaks.
  14. you score points, you dont loose them :!:

    eg. you start with zero, once you achieve a score of 12 (full licence) you get a little rest from the road ;)

    i should know, ive scored plenty in my time :LOL:
  15. much the same.....
  16. negative, you score 15, you wait until you drop back in to the good-boy zone before you drive again ;)
    there is no "dude, i got -3points dude!!"