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[ACT] Speed traps on off ramps

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pringa8, May 5, 2007.

  1. I got done on an off ramp the other day, coming off an 80 zone into a 60 zone. Cops were at the end of the ramp.

    I thought coppers weren't allowed to set speed traps on off ramps?? Or will i just have to take a bullet?

  2. Which one? I haven't heard about them not being able to, but I'd have thought they wouldn't just through common sense, as they're not the best places to be stopping people.
  3. Damn! Sneaky cops!
  4. Mate of mine is a sales rep, and says this is becoming much more common around NSW.
    He came off the F3 near Gosford the other week, and had to slam on the brakes to get down to 80 by the sign, as there was a radar trap. Needless to say, there was almost a massive pile up behind him as everyone else did the same.
    I had an incident like that on Epping Rd a few years ago, but with an RBT station. Was set up at the bottom of a hill, on a 3 lane 80 km/h road, with visibility of less than 150m from the RBT to top of the hill.
    Bags of fun almost ploughing down a cop, then getting told off after the RBT when I didn't instantly merge into traffic (when leaving) whizzing by at 80, at the bottom of a hill!
    It is starting to show that the standards for police recruits have been dropped significantly........sadly in the more senior officers.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. A number of years back I got done on an on-ramp once, while accelerating from 60-80kph before actually reaching the 80kph sign, which was about 50m away.

    Let's face it - they'll do anything, anything to increase the rate of generating revenue.
  6. Yeah it bloody sux, I thought it was still an 80 zone still as it was a back road near an industrial estate. Policeman asked why I was speeding, I said I thought it was an 80 zone as its not a residential area off a main road (3 lane), and he booked me anyway. Should have tried the ol "cause I'm going to cr@p myself!!!" :LOL:
  7. wow i just posted in another thread about this... in vic.. i seen a copper camping on an offramp(ringroad) with radar pointing to on coming traffic..... very sneaky (lucky I was goin in opposite dir. and i know to not go over the limit in that section)

    very sneaky though....
  8. Seems that post has gone! :roll:

    As a melbourne westy, I would find the info very useful... which exit??
  9. my bad late reply..

    I know where the exit ramp is, however i don't no the name .. i will try remember when i got past again and let you know, i believe if you head South towards werribee on the ringroad, go past tullamarine exit, and up a bit will be a bridge and an on ramp to the ringroad. he was on the grass bit, just before entering onto the ringroad
  10. I got done about 12 months back like this.
    Used to come off the fwy (110) to an 80 zone and then 60.
    the pricks had moved the 60 to where the 80 used to be.

    Used to come off the fwy, lift of the gas and hit the 80 zone doing about 88, when the cop light up his lights i thought he'd got me for about 10 over, turns out i was doing 32k over :shock: due to changed zones.

    he let me off with 15 over and a warning, ass hole was laughing as he'd booked "heaps of dumb pricks" since the speed zone change :evil:
  11. Sounds like there are two rules for speed detection near speed limit changes.

    Speed cameras are supposedly not to be located near a speed zone change, min. distance something like 100-400m. I can't remember exact figure. But I'd suggest that putting speed cameras on off/on ramps would not be allowed. But cops can do it with mobile radar.

    I wonder how long it will be before a fatality occurs because of this "policing".

    Still, it's something to keep in mind, now that people are talking about it. Just have to be a bit more careful, I s'pose.

    Thing is, I wish that the cops would book people for going too SLOW when entering freeways. Most drivers can't seem to be able to grasp the concept of matching their entry speeds with that of the freeway traffic.
  12. You're not wrong Martin - there's at least one idiot down your way who comes to a full stop and looks before entering the freeway. I used to get caught behind him occasionally in Morwell.

    I've been told that he works at Hazelwood.
  13. my god GS, what were you thinking endangering all those lives on the off ramp.

    Don't you know that you are lucky to be alive!

    Remember that for every 1km/hr you speed you are 10 million times more likely to be in an accident.
  14. I hate those people, the one's who can't look for a gap and drive at the same time :evil: It's not hard.