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[ACT] Sophie's Ride4Difference, Sun Jun 17th

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mel

    Sophie's Ride For Difference

    17th June 2007

    Hi Everyone,

    It's on again. Last year we called it Ride 4 Sophie, this year and I hope future years it will be called Sophie's Ride For Difference. The aim is to raise as much money for the Da...

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  2. Just received the following update from Pete about this ride (this Sunday!)

  3. I'm out, I'm going to be inflicting colourful death on some mates up in Sydney.
  4. Is anyone leaving from Tuggeranong?
    I don't know the futsol arena by name don't have a clue where that is exactly.
    Can I follow anyone in?
  5. I don't know if I will make it as I've not been well all week. Go across the Commonwealth Ave Bridge toward Civic; take the first left and then turn right and go up to the car park and you're there.
  6. Thanks so much, Kathleen.
    Perfect instructions, know exactly where you mean, now.
    Just as good as your game of pool instructions :wink:
    Get well soon girl.
  7. I was told about this by one of the guys at the bike shop, I should be along assuming the weather is good :D
  8. If anyone wants to join up with a group of us leaving Northside let me know, we can either meet at the Gateway or my place - I'll PM an address to interested bodies.

    The weather forecast is for cool but dry - hey and after last weekend you lot would be wet weather specialists!!

    Cheers Fi :grin:
  9. What a great day... I hear there was more than 200 bikes, lots of sunshine (early), plenty of smiling faces and hugs galore!!

    Sophie's dad Ron, was a lovely fella and so appreciative of the efforts made. Next year he hopes to be riding... that's a pretty good indication this will reoccur.

    How nuts were the trials riders, the kids were so passionate about their sport - good on 'em I say!

    We capped off the morning with a cruise (ummm lucky the boys in blue were preoccupied at one stage!! :cheeky: :bolt:) to Yass then for lunch at the Murrumbateman pub.

    Perfect day really - plenty of good company, bikes, sunshine ...

    Thanks to all who supported it all in what ever fashion - done good!!

  10. Must've been pretty big, I saw a shite load of bikes on the Fed as I was leaving work.