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[ACT Riders] Heading to SYD motorcycle show?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Haggismaen, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm interested if anyone is heading up to the motorcycle show this coming weekend? I'm thinking of heading up on Friday arvo (to go to the show with the Sydney NR crowd on Saturday) and since catching a bus sounds as appealing as shit on toast I was wondering if anyone wanted to ride up with me?

    Note: I am a P-plater and will be doing 90km/h the whole way but have no trouble with the distance or speed.

    Let me know what you think, maybe we can get a posse together.

    Good god man....have I taught you nothing? No plate=unrestricted.

    Anyway....I'll have your cosmpolitan ready at the bar when you get back. You still drink cosmos right? Or was it cruisers.....
  3. Get onto your ACT licence... NSW bullsh!t speed restrictions don't apply to ACT P Platers, only learners. :grin:

    Would love to join you but am busy on Saturday... and Friday... :roll:
  4. But don't your Ps last for three years in ACT, even though you don't have restrictions for those three years?
  5. For you keir . . i'll be riding the VTR on saturday to get that Team VTR (+ Bailus) photo going under the blue lights at Homebush. LOL.

    Stephen (DR8) feels left out, so he can be a pretend VTR. :LOL:
  6. Ummm it depends. Do you have full car licence? If so, ACT P's are only for one year. I think.

    I only had P's for one year, but have full car licence. A girl I know only has learner driver licence and has to have P's for three years, but restrictions apply for one year only. But you can do the P Off course and get extra 4 points and not display P plate anymore after 6 months on P's. Or if you are old (over 26) that just happens automatically :D Confusing, huh!

    That's my understanding of it anyway.
  7. Micky let me know when this takes place....but make sure it's not during the CBR/GT race...
  8. Bah! I wanted to ride the Monster (I'm writing a pre-emptive 'shut up Scrambles' to cover myself for that comment).
  9. whats a speed limit?

    Oh wait i know its that thing i never do.
  10. You better speed up then. ;)
  11. I'm on my car P's now, but will be moving to full licence in the next week or two (when I can spare $120) so will have the full one when I go for my bike P's, will that mean I only have the P's for a year? :?: