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[ACT] Ride to Wakefield Park, Sun May 6th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Gosling1

    Round 2 of the PCRA Championships is being held at Wakefield Park (near Goulburn) on Sunday 6th May.

    Ride details - 0745 meet for an 0800 departure from Shell Watson, to WP via Macks Reef, Tarago.

    Its about $15 or $20 through the gate. An excelle...

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  2. Hiya Gos,

    I'm supposed to be going to Sydney, but if that falls through I'll come along, sounds like fun :grin:
  3. sounds like an idea, see how i feel after the saturday night
  4. Oh that's right, there's a piss up on the Sat night! :grin:
  5. Cool , it would be good to see some other locals on a ride. There are 3 or 4 KSRC guys who are actually racing at this round, which will be great to see. Once my track-hack is finished, I'll be out there meself...... :twisted:


    ps Hi Mel !! fancy seeing you here :wink: . I saw Swabio's race-paint today :shock: it looks fantastic !!
  6. Hey Gos, yeah I just saw the pics of Swabio's bike... looks good... and I was eyeing off that pipe LOL...

    Well it looks like my Sydney trip is off, so I'll come along to WP...

    and qbnspeedfreak will have another kwaka rider to pick on, so he can leave me alone! :p :LOL:

  7. lol i shouldn't say anything the old man is on a kwaka
  8. :LOL: I know...

    I noticed the kawasaki badge on his vest too :grin: Good taste your old man has :p
  9. Cool, will see you next Sunday morning, if not before - I have asked a couple of people about a good can for your 6 as well, hopefully something should pop up soon....

  10. i wont be able to make this little outting, lucky me got a bad throat infection
  11. Champion, thanks for that! :grin: :grin:

    Kill it with alcohol on Sat night... you'll be right :LOL:
  12. antibiotics say no :LOL:
  13. Hmmm... bugger! :LOL:
  14. see you in the morning Mel.....

    all others welcome, it will be a nice day for a fang tomorrow ! :p