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ACT region Group Rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by apples, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Hey everbody

    just wondering if there is anyone in the ACT region who is interested in some group rides... short or long!!

    i see so many postings for great organised rides and just meets around melb and syd!!!

    love to see it in this area too!!!

    cheers.. apples :idea: :D

  2. Hey mate, I'm keen on a group ride around here. Any excuse for a ride will do me fine! :D
  3. A play on and old adage ...

    If you post it, they will come :)
  4. i know everyone bags the mraa, but the act mraa organise monthly learner friendly rides, you might want to check them out
  5. The ACT MRA (totally seperate from the VIC MRA) have quite a good reputation.
  6. thanks for the tip...
    only thing is im not a learner!!

    i still ride with slight chicken strips, but i have been riding for a long time now.....

    looking for a slightly higher challange!!
  7. fair enough, but good way to meet people in act who ride
  8. hey roundabout... what year is model is your bike :?:

    im on a 2001 tt600
  9. hey apples, have you done the road out to the old space research centre (something like that and not tidbinbillah) you head out through the cotter, past tidbinbillah then turn right just before you get to the bridge in thawra. then head along that road for a while before turning right again. somewhere on the left is a ranger station with a map. watch the road though, heaps of shit on it somethimes, fun though, its the road i first got airborn on, not much but enough to get the back spinning up while doing 100k's or so.
  10. you mean cotter road, its a great road during the week... but you get a few cagers out on the weekends.. before the fires there was also a bar our there, but your definitly right about debri on the roads out there..
  11. seeing as though i'm guessing canberra people will be reading this thread i thought i would ask a question...

    the road that leads from the highway (just out of canberra) down to the south coast via the clyde - is this a good ride?

    i did it a few weeks ago in the car on a friday and there was very little traffic and some wicked twisties :twisted:

    can any locals confirm this?

    thanks :)
  12. same, 02 build date but i'm pretty sure its the 01 model

    i managed to find a scorpion race bolton, fairly decent improvement in power although does have a tendancy to set car alarms off. quite a bit lighter as well.

    have you seen the www.tt600.org website? they have some good info but mostly usa/uk people
  13. pretty good once you accually hit the clyde...
    but mediocre up untill then

    the clyde is good though :LOL: :LOL:

  14. i browse the forums there but dont post.
    did you remap with the new pipe??

    im as stock as they come at the moment, would love a bit more power
  15. nope, not cotter road, will try to find a map, but imagine you are riding from tidbinbillah, ride from the carpark to the T intersection, turn left, rid to next T intersection at Tharwa (or whatever its called), turn right. ride for a bit and stop when you see the ranger park on the left, it has a map. from the ranger park keep riding and turn right (from memory its at the top of a hill) and head out on this road to the end.

    other good roads:

    - the road down the hill to batemans bay, lots of traffic though.
    - brown mountain, down from jindabyne way to eden (i think)
    - around the snowy mountains, i.e. head through thredbo and loop around to jindabyne.
    - mt imlay rd, best taken from eden/coast approach
  16. yep am running the 02, 03 or 04 factory race tune, can't remember exactly what it is. was put on with the factory gameboy (download device) which will only allow the latest tune, i think the 02 is preferable
  17. roundabout

    there is a few road below tharwa that head to:

    Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station


    Orroral Tracking station

    never done them but do they ring a bell??
  18. that's it, honeysuckle creek. never much traffic and once you know the road its quite nice, plus you have the added advantage that once you ride to the end and back you know there's no cops for your second go. some tricky corners though, scared the shit out of myelf a few times, but what's a good ride if you don't come back without shaking hands
  19. There are some fabulous rides around Canberra.

    1. Straight down the Tuggerenong Parkway till you get to the end at Lanyon and then straight on and into the Namadgi National Park. That road will take you right down through the park, past the Ororal Valley Tracking Station and on some wonderful (but a bit narrow) roads.

    2. Ride from Weston Creek out towards the Cotter, but, before you get there, just after you've crossed the bridge at the pumping station, turn right and follow the twisties up past the Uriarra forestry village. When you get to the T intersection just past the village you can turn right and head up into the mountains, but the road goes to dirt later, but it's still a nice ride till it does.

    Or you can turn right and wind down to the river again, turn right at the river crossing, across the ford and back into Weston Creek past Camp Sturt and later the Coppins Crossing turnoff. Some lovely twisties there too.
  20. even just coming back from the airport, i used to love hooking it through all the roundabouts and then the final righthander roundabout up to the war memorial. i don't even like righthanders, but that was nice, except when they used to sprinkle, few slides in winter. why the hell they were sprinkling then beats me