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ACT Pre-Learner Course at Sutton Road Driver Training Centre

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Wade Wrench, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if anyone else is going for this this coming Wed/Thu(11/12 Jun)? It's rather out of the way and no buses ply Sutton Road. Would probably have to catch a cab from Queanbeyan or Canberra Airport to get there and then try and hitch a ride from some kind soul after the course. I live in Higgins near Belconnen...

    Also is it the norm to use the the training centre's helmet and gloves?

    If you have any other advice to give, apart from what's found in the letter from Stay Upright, please do share.

  2. I'm on the 14/15th....

    I'm just gonna use their gear, even though I have my own :/
    actually might just take my helmet instead.
  3. heh, you afraid their helmets might stink? How will you be getting there?
  4. With my car.
  5. i would suggest that if you already have gloves you take them, the gloves they have a basically crap and thin, nad if the temp drops again next week could be quite chilly, i used all my own gear when i done it nearly 3 years ago, bugger having to wear a hair net
  6. +1 to using your own gear if you have it. Lets you know if you've got a good fit and how comfortable your gear is. After all, you'll be wearing it when you get on the roads.

    Even better if it's water proof and it pisses down during the course. :wink:
  7. I do have fleece gloves, but they aren't that thick either. Probably need really good gloves to keep out the cold. I'll be doing the course in the afternoon slot so might not be so bad. Where's a good place to buy motorcycle gear, as in good selection and reasonable prices, preferably near Belconnen. Hair net's to keep the helmet clean I suppose?

    Is it true hardly anyone rides in winter due to the cold? Apparently you get cold even decked up with clothing?
  8. Oh Gawd, hope that doesn't happen. I'd hate to have to wear a raincoat. Rain is usually warmer though isn't it?
  9. CMC mitchell formerly known as ACTION motorcycles is probably your best bet, in reality there is no such thing as reasonably priced bike gear in aus, there is cheap gear then there is good gear, for cheaper gear look on the net, but helmets must be purchased from within australia as they have to have the aus standards sticker fitted to be deem legal riding attire

    in the past the rides did thin out during the winter months but not so much noq, winter is probably one of the best times of year for riding in the canberra region, except for the snowie being off limits, less peole travelling the road to the bay which is probably the number one ride for the region, sure it's cold but suit up accordingly and it's not so much of an issue

    there has actually been more peole getting out on their bikes since it has gotten colder then during summer in canberra i have noticed but petrol prices are probably the reason behind this
  10. I guess i'm fk'd then since my gear consists of a leather jacket, some camo's and sp1 gloves.. I'll be loving the winter :p
  11. nah layers are your friend go to a camping store and get a set of long johns, i spent most of my first year (actually i still do) in a pair of long johns and draggins, singlet t shirt and jumper under the jacket and its all good, put a set of latex gloves on before your riding gloves and that will help take some of the bite out
  12. Cold weather is not stopping me.

    I only mentioned the rain as it pissed down sideways on the last day of my course. I was dry, but getting gloves on and off when wet is damn annoying. The upside, when taking instruction, I didn't have to take off my helmet. Flip ups FTW.

    As for gear, you can't go wrong with having a decent budget, but buy what you can when you can. If you are going to buy a bike, you can usually swing a good package deal. My brother just got his GS500F and they forgot to add his helmet to the total price. All the finanace was done and the shop wore the cost of the helmet. lucky bugger.

    You can pick up a good all season jacket for under 300. Overpants are good for cooler weather, as you can layer up and they're usually waterproof. I've recently bought a cheap pair of thing gloves from Kathmandu and wear them under my Dri rider gloves. Toasty warm hands.

    Good luck with your course and hope to see you on the roads soon.
  13. I will be there on Wed and Thursday in the arvo, I will have to use their gear, I don't have mine yet.

    Sutton rd is really cold in winter, I was there in winter last year, the wind really rushes down the valley.

    I will be in long johns, and trak pants, (jeans are not warm enough) plus I have a pretty thick jacket, ski glove will cover the hands, but not provide much protection I guess.

    I am looking forward to it, can't wait to get my license!

    Then wait for the bike!
  14. Looks like you and I will be seeing each other then. How will you be getting there? Am looking for transport there. Wouldn't mind chipping in on the cost of fuel...

    I'll definitely be wearing thermal underwear, perhaps even 2 layers. Have a down jacket which should hopefully keep me warm.

    Are ski gloves suitable for motorcycle riding?
  15. You are unlikely to reach above 25km during the course, so you should be ok. As long as you have decent feeling when using the controls. They will offer no protection from an off, but should keep your hands warm. You can pick up decent winter gloves for under $100.

    Thermals is a good idea, just keep an eye on the weather, you don't want thermals if it decides to have a freak fine and 18ºc day.
  16. I will be driving in from Woden, where are you?

  17. I'm in the north at Higgins, but can meet you somewhere else, say Woden or Civic? I can be contacted at 61544568/0405414086. Andrew
  18. I have to be honest, I am a bit sceptical about picking up someone I have never met before?

    You have no other way of getting out there?

    That is not to say that I won't do it, just that I am sceptical. :)
  19. It's alright if you aren't comfortable with it :) I've never done it myself but apparently it's pretty common in some countries.

    I'll just catch a cab from Queanbeyan, which is about 5 kilometres from the driving centre...
  20. Good luck over the next 2 days, lemme know how it goes,
    The wait till the weekend is killing me