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[ACT] - P-plate restrictions.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by demo man, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone have any accurate knowledge or information regarding the ACT motorcycle P-plate restrictions.

    I am aware of what these restrictions are, I am trying to find out what the penalties for disobeying them are. Specifically, riding a bike that is not approved (and not eligible to be), riding with a pillion passenger, and riding without displaying a P-plate.

    I have done a heap of searching on various ACT Govt. web-sites and have had no real luck. Anyone know for sure, or have any advice on the matter?

  2. Ask a cop
  3. I hate when you ask a question only be shown to be an idiot :p

    Thanks mate :)
  4. ACT Restrictions:

    P plates for 3 years unless you have your full car license, then it is 1 year.
    No pillion for 12 months.
    150kw/tonne bike for 12 months.
    0.02 Blood alcohol limit for whole P license length.


    Don't know the penalties but its really not worth breaking them seeing most of them only apply for 12 months. I had a mate who just got done for riding a 600cc supersport, no P's displayed 138kph in a 110 zone when he is only allowed to do 90 (he has NSW license). Off to court this month looking at 6 month loss of licence. Really not worth the risk.[/url]
  5. For the info of anyone who cares (or searches in the future and fins this thread):

    In the ACT:

    Riding without displaying P-plate
    Riding with a Pillion passenger
    Riding a motorcycle you're not licensed for

    All incur a 'Traffic Infringement' fine of $90 (per offence, so if you're done doing all three that'll be $270).

    If you get done too many times you'll eventually be summons to court, where you will face up to $2000 per offence (although I was told usually you'll only end up with another $90 fine). This will be on your criminal record though, rather than just the road authority database. Court fees will also be up to $120.

    If you go to court more than a few times they will eventually take you're license from you. Again, I was told this is very rare, and you'd need to have appeared in a court a number of times before they did this.

    I was told all of this by a lawyer, who looked into it on my behalf. This was formal legal advice, and so not a half-arsed job.

    Hope someone finds it useful.
  6. Cheers for the info. I always wondered what the penalties were.

    Not that I'll be doing any of those for another 275 days.....