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[ACT] Old Canberra Inn in Lynham , Monday WEEKLY

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Lurch, Sep 29, 2006.

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  2. See youse there!
  3. bugger, can't edit the title for the next one coming up. will talk to vic
  4. I should be there, look out for a guy with fuzzy hair and glasses in a red and black Joe Rocket jacket
  5. We've had a bit of a chat, and we've decided to have it Fortnightly, Mondays, 5:30, The Essen Cafe.

    Ive added an entry to the events calendar, but wasnt sure how to do a re-occurrence.
    Also, can a Mod change this thread title to reflect this.

  6. So when is the next one? 9th October? Have reason to celebrate that day... off restrictions!! Hurrah!!


    It was great to catch up tonight. See youse all at the next one.
  7. Yup - 9th
  8. [ACT] Civic Coffee Meet, Monday Fortnights

    Added to Calendar by: Lurch

    Every fornight, Mondays. 5:30pm, The Essen Cafe, Garema Place, Civic.

    1st: 29th Sept
    2nd: 10th Oct
    ... etc ...

    ... more

    This is an automated posting of an Events Calendar entry.
  9. I'll be there next Monday... if someone can tell me where The Essen Cafe and Garema Place is. :)
  10. Unfortunately my working hours have taken a change for the worse, and wont be knocking off till 6 everyday.
    So I'm going to have to bow out for the foreseeable future.

    Also, Judge:
    Google Maps FTW!
  12. BOO!!!!! We've got so few... you can't drop out now~!

    Coffee = religion...

    Good plan, I reckon you should try it Lurch... :grin:

    So Typhoon... you in Canberra yet? Are you coming along?
  13. Not there yet, stil waiting for estate agents to get back with approvals etc for houses to rent. We might be living on an acreage at Wamboin by the looks of it (fingers crossed!). It's been a little tricky finding a place, I need a double garage for my project, and we have two small dogs.
    I have to wait up here for approval, then we can move our gear (removalist has a window he can move us in quickly), then I have a couple of days work here finishing off plaster on walls, painting etc.
    Probably 2 to 4 weeks at this stage.
    The older you get, the more of a logisitcal nightmare moving becomes!

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. lurch. walk or bus to work, wander down after knock off, and I will give you a lift home, will be there longer than 30 mins
  15. Yeah - probably will do. Ill just see.
  16. Thanks mate.
  17. :LOL: not like the ole days, when it was pack your clothes and coffee mug and onto the next place :grin:

    Well I guess we'll see you at coffee in a few weeks then.

  18. Coffee tonight!

    Who is coming?

    Sonja will be there, but she'll be a bit late, arriving about 6:00 or a bit after. We can check out her new bike!!

  19. I don't get knocked off until 630 on mondays :(
  20. BOO! :( :( That's a bummer.

    If you want to, you can message me when you knock off, see if we are still there :)

    Maybe we'll have to make these things later... a few people seem to be working later these days....