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[ACT-NSW Yass area] Lost your top box?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Minderbinder, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. I was out in the cage yesterday on one of the several roads between Canberra and Yass, and was overtaken by a rider. Down the road a bit I came across a fair amount of bike-related debris including a top box similar to the one on the aforementioned bike. Fearing the worst, I gave the girlfriend strict instructions to stay in the car and went searching up and down the sides of the road looking for bike & rider. Finding nothing, I assumed that the top box had simply fallen off, spewing its contents all over the road - so I gathered all the bits I could find, threw them back into the top box and threw that into the boot of the car.

    I'm not sure how a rider could fail to notice their luggage falling off and smashing into a million pieces, but be that as it may... If you lost your top box this weekend or know someone who did, PM me. To reclaim your possessions, you will need to describe your route, approximate times, bike model and a rough inventory of the contents to convince me that you're the owner.

  2. Weird. I remember leaving my top box undone in between Walcha and Uralla a few years ago. I realised it was undone when I stopped for fuel and retraced my steps back to Walcha but a spare visor and a set of winter gloves had disappeared. But losing the whole box? I'm sure I'd have noticed that.
  3. Easily done. On 3 occasions I've forgotten to clip the tail bag in before riding off.
    First some bloke stepped into my path causing me to come to a stop, after some cursing I turned off the ipod and realised that he was trying to tell me that my bag had fallen off. That was at the end of the street that I took off from.

    2nd time was when I left work and made it all the way home only to jump off and realise that I couldn't get into my house as my keys were in the bag. Good thing the neighbour was home, she unlocked my garage and I was able to finally get in.

    3rd time was when I took off from the hospital.
    I made a right turn into the Avenue, nailed it and turned left into High street. Got to the end and turned right into Queens rd where I decided to check my tail, sure enough, no bag.
    Turn around and high tail it back to the hospital. I found the bag lying in the middle of the road just after the first speed hump. All the contents were intact, a corner of the laptop took a beating though.

    Now I get into the habit of tugging at the straps as soon as I take off.

    So yeah, it does happen.
  4. Hand the items in to a nearby Police station or if you are too far away to your local station and they will notify the Police near where you found the items.
  5. Resurrecting this thread because the owner did not claim their property (which I had handed over to Yass Police on the day). It is now legally my property, however I don't particularly want it. If it was my own stuff I would probably want it back, though (particularly the prescription glasses).

    If this was your stuff, and you want it back, then I will still return it to you but you will have to compensate me for fuel expenses incurred picking it up. PM me for details.
  6. I once found a bike rack number plate.on the back was a mobile number i sent the lady back her plate after speaking to her. So put you number on your stuff you may get it back..
  7. following an r-series one day in the car and the hard pannier fell off. Another car run it over. The guy on the BMW never notice and just kept riding. I never caught up to him.