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ACT/NSW surrounding area

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ShoveLhead, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Hi again all!

    Where are all the Learner ACT/NSW surrounding area people at?

    And do you lot go for rides / cruises together on the weekend? Infact are there any Netrider cruises / meets at all for the ACT?


  2. I am actually going to be down there next weekend, 7th and 8th May, PM me your contact details if you want to organise a meet for then and try and get some other Canberians to come along.
  3. I am in Wagga which is almost close
  4. I'm in Canberra....

    Dunno if you are a guy or girl.....but these guys are very good for learners http://www.girlsonthemove.com.au/ ....actually I don't think it matters if you are a guy or girl - they welcome learners of both sexes I think (my wife occasionally rides with them and is a member).....

    Dene from there who is a Stay Upright instructor (there are a couple on there) also does practise nights....

  5. yup sign me up into the crew as well, im 2 hours from act......

    but highway riding on learners.........

    and on a dirt bike......

    well ill see how it goes:)
  6. I'm from Sydneys north western suburbs and I've been on my leaners for almost a week! hehehe I'D be up for a learner run... hmmm actually, if its in ACT probably not at this stage
  7. Hey mate, welcome to the wonderful world of riding in freezing-your-buttocks-off canberra. There's a few learner netriders here, Mel rides a ZZR250 and Grompus who has a GS500 and myself. If you want, we'll go for a ride with ya :)

    I met a MRA-ACT today and found out that they do discovery/learner rides about once a month. 21 May is their next one.

    Which part of Canberra are you in?
  8. Thanks for everyones reply,

    Peregrine i'm near Narrabundah but anywhere should be fine.. I'm dreading the cold but if I suit up properly I should be fine? Gears expensive though :(
  9. Gear dosent have to be expensive!!!
    Just line everything with newspaper.
  10. well got the bike and got the gear so when I get my L's I'll let yas all know when i'm thinking of organizing something, I got my old man (norton 750), a couple of work mates with metric cruisers, and a mate with a 1000cc Fireblade so there is a bit of a mix, could probably split the sports bikes up so that they don't have to pull over for 20 minutes just so I can catch up! But I was thinking mainly just commonwealth avenue on sunday or somewhere thats 80km/h and isn't too crazy with blind drivers.