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ACT Noobie :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Expedite, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Been lurking on these forums for a while before i took the plunge and bought myself a Kawasaki VN250.

    Grew up on the farms and only ever rode dirt and Ag bikes, been wanting to get a bike for a long time and finally convinced the missus to let me get one. (she had to spend a heap of $$ on her horses so this was my payback).

    Looking forward to getting to know more people on the forums and at the moment, the main thing is getting the courage up to ride into work each day!!!!
  2. welcome, enjoy the forums :)
  3. Welcome Expedite, we've got a fair size community here in Canberra and we're pretty active too.
  4. Hey Expedite.

    Do you still have any dirt bikes??

    Its good to have the best of both worlds! One for the road and one for the dirt!!!
  5. Heya, cool another ACT n00b. :)

    Best of luck, hope your courage comes screaming in.
  6. Come to Monday night coffee next week (weekly) at Tilley's at Lyneham.
    Look forward to seeing you there, and we need ANOTHER Kawasaki there! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. yes i am bringing a can of petrol, and no it's not incase i run out of fuel, that was just ridiculous, had to get out early beofre any more kwakas showed up

    oh and welcome to the nut house, we have another forum that is completely canberra based, oh besides some septic that found his way there :LOL:

    we will give you the address when you come to coffee, some people don't like forum poachers here
  8. pennybrain, havent been dirt biking since i was a kid. :(

    At this stage i think it safer keeping the missus happy just with the one bike. :)

    I would love to join you guys at Tilleys but think it will be a while before i head out to Dixon on he bike at that time of day. Any chance of it moving back to civic? PM me that öther"info please :)
  9. Welcome to the forums.. :grin:
  10. Where do you live/work mate? Maybe a fellow Netrider can swing by and escort you to Tilleys, makes riding in traffic much easier first few times if you have someone riding shotgun for you. The ride home will be easier, bugger all traffic.
    I ride in from Fyshwick on monday nights, so if you are along that route, I could help you out.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Welcome to NR. Take the riding one step at a time and you will be fine.
  12. Im not riding to work yet, have a few issues with the bike atm, but still probably a bit away from riding to work anyways, prefer to get my confidence up a bit. :)

    I work in Barton for a Govt dept. :?
  13. no we need another 2 suzuki's there.. so so us guys on the refined machinery can outnumber the green meanies
  14. the suks will never out number the kwakas at coffee majority of the suk riders don't go to coffee, as there is only one bike worse then a kwaka and thats a suzuki and yes i have own one :LOL:
  15. Welcome!
    Riding to work makes the day so much better :wink: