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[ACT] Newbie trip

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Ahti, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. I've managed to get my L's, however lack a motorbike, I've been an enthusiast (to the extent you can call a non-owner) and a big fan of motorcycling for a long time now.

    Was wondering if any old timers had any tips and suggestions as to what bikes to have a look at,

    PS, Also looking at going for a trip to Adelaide towards the end of the year, would be good if there's any company i could tag a long with given the long trip :)


  2. There is a pretty good range of bikes that you can legally ride as a learner in the ACT, you can find the list here.

    What sort of bike are you after? sports bike, tourer, naked, dirt, etc? How much are you looking to spend? New or used? I can recommend the Suzuki GS500F as a good first bike, I had one and it served me well :grin:

    Check All Classifieds to see what you can get for your money.
  3. Thanks for advice, as to what sort? Been looking at sport bikes, but i ran across a '91 Honda VT250 Spada, fell in love with it after watching videos and seeing photos and specifications. I've heard plenty of good things about it too, as to the price. Was looking to spend a maximum of $3,000 hopefully not that much, but i'd also like a bike that'll last.

    Found a few in AllClassifieds that were pretty good, but most were either too powerful or too expensive, pity, because some of those cafe racers look gorgeous. :wink:
  4. Yeah, my brother had an '89 spada, it was a great bike, lots of fun to ride and nice looking too. He bought it for $3,300 and sold it 2 years later for $3,300 so they hold their value pretty well. Good luck with the bike hunt!