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ACT newbie ride (not going anymore)

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by the_beast, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. edit: 9:30 sunda morning i m not goig to be able to make this ride !!!

    Meet on kings highway next to red rooster in queanbeyan

    11am sunday the 29th of june.

    It will be a ride out to Bungendore, stop for a coffee and a look around then continue along bungendore road to max reef road and the back in towards town either straight down the highway or back down sutton road.

    This is for anyone, but if you are newb from canberra come along and meets some other newbs. :grin:

    It would be cool if some exeperienced guys came too!!

    Post if you are Keen
  2. Re: ACT newbie ride

    So experienced girls aren't welcome? :(


    Not that I'm around Sunday anyway - hope you get some takers and have a great ride :)
  3. thats what i meant!!! :LOL: by guys i meant any experienced riders !!!
  4. OK looks like am going for a ride by myself oh well will be fun anyway.
  5. Time

    I think some people might be put off by the starting time. By 11pm I will be well in truly in the land of nod. :grin:

    Did you mean 11am?
  6. Either way, I wouldn't be able to make it this time (have relatives visiting and I'm still breaking my new bike in, so 80km/h is the limit - I won't be able to keep up!).

    Would be keen to hear about future rides in the area.
  7. yeah thats what i meant and have fixed it now !!

    yeah i am keen for more newbie rides in canberra !
  8. I am a fairly new rider in canberra.. do i count??