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ACT: Need to get to Sydney one way this weekend.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Anyone driving to Sydney Saturday or Sunday? Can meet you at the Federal Hwy, and will pay half fuel and food on the way!
    Pillioning is not really an ption unless you own some REALLY big bike!

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. hitchhike with Joel !

    no wait . . .
    he has a white 4x4
    the route goes pass Belangalo State Forest
    . . . and get this, he is in the road building business ! :eek:

    Just bus it !
    Its like $15 isn't it for one way ACT to Syd.
  3. No...$39, and it drops me nowhere near anywhere I want to go! $15 fares are coming back fron Sydney mid day, when the buses are empty, but they don't mention that in the ad!
    I looked at one way car rentals, same price as the bus! :shock: , but again, depots in the city. I am sure I could get an Hyundai to Sydney on $20 of fuel...........draft all the way! :LOL:
    Looks like the train will be the go, however, this weekend of all weekends they're doing trackwork near Strathfield, so I can't stop at Strathfield (close to where I need to go), so it's a trip back from central to as close as I can get on cityrail, then a taxi.
    Hmmm....wonder why people don't use public transport?
    Just thought someone may be going up.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. pretty sure that if they are goin track work. they substitute the trains with buses so if u goin from A to D and there is track work at B you get a bus from B to C then a train from C to D and end your journy. the buses are organised and usually run every 10 - 15 minutes. and the price is included in your train fair. so dont worry to much about this.

    does this make sense to anyone else or just me?

    i am pretty sure this is how it works. or at least whenever i have encountered track work in syd.
  5. Apparently the Canberra/Sydney train is bypassing where I want to go on another line. No buses. Was told to catch a local train once at Central by CountryLink.
    Never mind, I am calling in a favour from someone in Sydney, so all is good now!
    Looking forward to a relaxing train trip in the country.

    Regards, Andrew.