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[ACT] My Red VFR stolen, update: the cops found it!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by motormouse, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. My Baby is gone!!!!! I'm sooo upset right now I can't see straight. If you see her please call the police - or bash the shit out of them

    Number plate 70703

  2. Damn Motor, what side of town was it stolen from?

    You dont happen to park at the AFP building do you?
  3. oohhh not the starlet

    hope you'll find it
  4. soo sorry to hear that
    hope they catch them :mad: :mad: :mad:
  5. Oh that seriosly Bites!
  6. oh tess that suxes.......hope you get it back quickly in a one piece :(
  7. It was stolen from Reid. I can't believe this is happening! Also my rear tyre was almost canvas so please check any red vFR's back tyre. I was going to buy another one this week

    It was stolen between 8pm 29th Oct and 8am 30th

    Everyone is at work so can't ask them but I've already put posters. Hopefully someone saw something
  8. whats the time window of theft? Where from? Neighbours/Employees working nearby?

    fcuk, thats shitty news

    Edit: Great minds think alike
  9. I'll keep an eye out for it. Thats completely fcuked, i hate people sometimes.
  10. +1 for getting on it straight away, while neighbours memories are fresh. where was it stolen from? garage? street? anyone would have needed special knowledge to know its there?
  11. Hi all,

    Thanks for such a quick response - The police called and they have my bike. I can't believe it!!! Thank you ACT Police!!!

    The only damage is where you put the key in, they've gone to it with tools of some sort so it's getting towed as we speak.

    They found it at the Bega flats which is pretty much across the road from me. It was in a stairwell with curtains covering it. The secuity guard there called the police. I even know where they live (only window with no curtain) but police said they can't prove it.

    Hopefully I'll still get to that ride this weekend *fingers crossed*

    Thanks again for the support guys, I felt so sick this morning.


    PS Mods: Please change subject and put in Found. Thanks
  12. Good stuff!!! You got it back. Organize a NR visit to the guys that liked your bike more than you do.

  13. That's so good to hear Tess! :grin:

  14. Surely there's fingerprints on it???
  15. They wouldn't bother for theft unless there already is other substantial proof - at least thats my take on it.
  16. And if they had to investigate every theft from Bega Courts, the police would have no time for anything else!

    Good to hear the bike is back, chances of that were bugger all! Awesome news.
  17. fcuking ass wipes. i vote we kill them for fun.

    Glad you got your baby back Tess.
  18. Cool. very cool.

    You have any idea who these shifty bastards are? Publicise their address!


    Is there an ACT coffee night?
  19. Unfortunatly fingerprints don't prove anything when it comes to stolen bikes. All they have to say is that they saw it there and touched it.

    As for posting their address - believe me I'd like to but that would point a big finger at me and besides I believe in karma. Hopefully someone will amputate their legs and then maybe they'll know how I felt this morning
  20. Really glad that you got it back! Yay!

    & I'm very glad that that was the only damage that was done; a friend of mine had her bike stolen in Melbs & the cops got it back for her after a while... fairing completely wrecked, engine not 100%, all paint needed to be redone, VIN & engine numbers partly shaved off... :/