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[ACT members] feedback please!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. hi guys,
    posting this from my phone as i drink a beer.

    we sealed Smiths Gap today (the hill portion) with a 14mm aggregate and a new bituminous product for the binder.
    in town, the product has sucked :oops:

    check it out for me if you happen to go that way and give me the good or bad news.

    what i wanna know -

    *is there excess loose stones on the road (we swept it 3 times already :?
    *is there any black goooey sections where the bitumen seems to be above the stones
    *is it slippery? the stones have a new precoat product too

    i have left 60km/h speed restrictions in place, and appropriate warning signs, so dont hammer through ;)

    lemme know.

    especially you andrew :)

  2. where is smiths gap joel?
  3. it runs from the federal highway to bungendore.

    from queanbeyan you go down yass rd, turn right on to Sutton rd just after the low level bridge, follow sutton rd for maybe 20kms? then turn right on to Norton Rd go all the way to the end ~15kms? and turn right.
    that is bungendore rd and smiths gap is like a mini-clyde only about 1km long.

    that would be a good ride for you, go that way to smiths gap, then on to bungendore and back to QBN via the Kings Hwy.... about a 45-60min ride with twisties, straights and a pub in the middle ;)
  4. its shit !
    there is a crown forming already
    the camber is all wrong
    the cat-eyes are all askew !
    and someone obviously does not know AS 1348-2002 inside and out !

  5. :rofl: @ micky!!!

    its a sprayed seal, not asphalt. we dont do crowns :LOL:
    cats eyes?? :shock:
    no animals were harmed in the surfacing of this road ;)
    im sure you meant raised pavement markers or RPMS.
  6. Now if you resurface some of the corners on Bridibella, Uriarra and Cotter Roads I'll love you forever!

    Might have to check out this ride that you suggest. Now if I could find some twisties that aren't roundabouts between my place and Queanbeyan I'll be set.
  7. i'll go for a run this arvo and have a look
  8. Dear Joel,

    Please regrade and resurface Victoria Rd and Parramatta Rd in Sydney, for reasons of health & safety.

    Best Regards,

    Ktulu's Testicles
  9. :rofl:
  10. :LOL: No pic this time Ktulu? :LOL:
  11. Be careful what you wish for... :LOL:
  12. lucky this is the off topic forum hey

    joel it all seems fine there are a few spots where the tar is sitting above the stones and there doesnt seem to be any loose stuff on the road dragged my feet in spots that looked like there may have been, in both directions
  13. I will test it out with my pavement punishing bike this weekend.
    From your work on Clyde mountain ( I assume it was you guys), all should be sweet. Some of those freshly paved corners are soooo smoooooooooooooooooooooth!

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. thanks heaps for the feedback!
    the gooey bits would be at the joints around the centreline and at the turn-off to that side road wotever its called :p they will go after the next sunny day and will be covered with brand new slippery white paint soon!

    the biggest concern for me is if there are any loose stones. i am allowed up to 30/m2 for 14mm aggregate after it has been swept, yesterday arvo i was getting results under ten. so i was pretty happy with it.

    i was curious how it would go after the temperature fluctuation over night, so after your input i am feeling much better about it, thanks!

    yeah the clyde corners are ours ;)
    they are Asphaltic Concrete, a bit tuffer than the old sprayed seal and nowhere near as much liability after you leave the job. but a sprayed seal only costs 1/2 the amount of AC.

    the precoat should have worn off the agg at smiths gap by the weekend, so it shouldnt be too slippery. but with the 14mm agg replacing the 7mm agg you wouldnt want to have an off, it is like the difference between 80 and 280 sandpaper :grin:
  15. no worries was a good little run out there, well til it started raining but i was nearly back in queanbeyan

    people driving behind me probably thinking what is that fool doing, while my feet were dragging on the road after 2day any loose stone should be washed off with the rain that hit over here a little while ago but as i said didnt seem to be any on the road when i went through
  16. I'm definately gonna hit that stretch. I mean twisties then beer, what more could a guy want!
  17. lol mitch have you forgotten ur 0.0000000000000000 bac?