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[ACT] Meet Melbourne Guys onway to QLD, Sat Aug 4th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Leen

    Meet at Williamsdale @ 9:15 for 9:30 departure to Cann River for lunch with the crew from Melbourne. Just show up as I am going whether others come or not!

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  2. Is the petrol station like one of those service centers on the highway? What brand is it?
  3. Not really... maybe a little... only smaller LOL

    It's just a servo on the right hand side of the highway when you're headed for Cooma... don't think there's anything else there! I *think* it's Ampol but am not 100% sure on that.
  4. Cool if I tell the Bike Shop Boys about the ride and to bring their friends? (Brett, Rich, etc from Gecko) They have some friends who are much tamer than them when riding.
  5. who else is going down to this lunch date?
  6. Ill be going. It will be freezing, but what the hell. I only wish I had heated grips..............next yr !

  7. Looks like there will be at least six of us going at this stage.

    I suspect it will be very cold! I don't have heated grips on my bike yet either... some of us are just tough enough to handle it, hey :p

    Please make sure you're on time as it will be a long day (especially considering how short the days are at this time of year) and I will be leaving Willimasdale at 9:30. Beside, we wouldn't want the ride to cut into our partying afterwards... would we?
  8. Shit no, thats totaly unaceptable.
  9. Luv the way you think Woodsy :LOL:

    See ya Saturday :D
  10. I dont think I'll end up popping along for this ride. Got a whole lotta things I want to get done on Saturday, and the ride eats up a good chunk of it.
  11. WTF is Cann River?
  12. WTF is Cann River? IT'S NOT WHERE THE FILM FESTIVAL IS HELD!! :wink:

    Cann River is a town in Victoria on The Cann River funnily enough :LOL:

    where the Monaro (cann valley) HWY meets the Princes HWY
  13. I actually meant where the f**k, my bad. Still, I really couldn't be arsed getting up early enough to ride to Williamsdale by 9am. I'm out.
  14. for those who braved the chilly start and end to our ride had a great time and those who chose really streach the legs on their bikes (loz Kawie handled the pace JUST! those back yard mechanics just don't know how to fit oil seals) didn't come back with much rubber on their tyres
    The boys had packed plenty cases of rough red that saw us party to the long hours of sunday morning
    Tess was agreat host and then Leen escorted the group down to wollongong on sunday on her way to say hi to Micky
    and to think we get to do all again on their way back through
  15. Oooooh they're coming back?

    Awesome :grin:
  16. photos......M.....where's the photos?!!!
  17. Esther you know I'm not a computer geek but i'll see what I can do ;-)
    btw did you streach the legs of the VTR on saturday??? just how fast does the red rocket go ????

    Mel unless I was really s--t faced I'm sure leen said they were staying at her place on the way back but that may change
    I take my hat off to them a different town every night with new and old friends and another reason to party Hic!
  18. Little red rocket was going as fast as it could go, full throttle at times......it's a good thing I don't mind being the backmarker.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. yes but we did wait for you Esther ;-)
    more coffee and smoke time lol

    just tryed to paste pickies but couldn't :-(