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[ACT] Lunar Eclipse, Civic to Lake George, Tue Aug 28th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: ChiggenWingz

    The ride is departing from Civic in Canberra and heading down the highway to Lake George, to hopefully watch the valley turn red as the Lunar eclipse reaches its height. This will be an easy ride, families are encouraged to bring children and new ride...

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  2. Sounds great, definitely count me in. That'll be a sight to see!
  3. Sounds interesting. I might pick you guys up as you pass Sutton rd on teh Federal hwy.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. I'll be there! It's gonna be 20 on thursday apparently and sunny so it's perfect bike riding weather, as long as the wind isn't harsh!!
  5. It'll be nighttime Marksy, once the sun goes down it'll be a different story near Lake George, so don't put the thermals away yet.

    ....But yeah I'll be there too. :wink:
  6. LOL in Canberra you never put the thermals away!
  7. i'll be there too.

    hopefully this will be a big turnout
  8. We'll just meet you guys at the round about rather than go into civic to come back out.
  9. Same.

    JC, Ike?
  10. hope to catch everyone there tonight :grin:
  11. I'll go via the Mobil at 6.50...see you then
  12. Nice clear night...not too many bugs to spoil my bling. My $16k tripod was incompatible with the camera (the bike) so some fairly poor pix.


  13. Turns out my efforts at trying to blind everyone where in vain as I couldn't get any decent pics of the bikes at the lookout. Got some nice ones of a couple of the bikes at the servo, will post tomorrow
  14. Any good pics out there? Was gonna bring my camera but thought otherwise...

    For all those people taking pictures and burning our retinas with those damn flashes there better be some good pics! :LOL:
  15. Yeah I checked all the forums I've posted on and no one has put up any pics of the bikes :(
  16. Here ya go Dale, a couple from the servo before. Didn't get any decent ones of the Gixxer, couldn't focus on the damn thing.



  17. surely there must be more pics around than this? oh well guess next ride then..
  18. at least you got pic of the only bike that matters :LOL: (and its not mine i wasn't there)

    a honda that eats ducatis for breaky mmmm sp1
  19. Oh you mean mine? :grin: :cool: