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[ACT] Long weekend BBQ - Sunday 30th Sept

Discussion in 'Other States' started by motormouse, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Leen is inviting us to her place for a BBQ on Sunday so bring meat and alcamahol.

    From 6.30pm onwards

    If you don't know the addy, send me a PM

    :beer: :dance: :beer:

  2. Yay for drinking!
  3. :WStupid:

    At this stage I'm no longer off to Sydney... so I'll be there! Sounds like fun :)

  4. Hey, if Kathleen has forgiven me for the karl jokes, could I come down? Anyone able to give me a place to crash?
  5. Hey Karl - of course you are more than welcome! Kathleen has a bed for you :grin:
  6. Dave and I are definitely coming! Party time at Leens! Just kidding we are both well behaved.
  7. I wanna come too, but I bluddie can't
  8. That's okay, the rest of us will misbehave enough for the both of you!

    :twisted: :p

    :( woulda been cool if ya could have!
  9. I will seeya at the gp. Doing a wine run to rosies tomorrow. Gotta get a box to you and leen as well. Not sure how.
  10. dave? who is dave? :LOL: where have i been, when are you guys planning on getting down here karl?
  11. Vielspade Dave (yellow GS500F), you would have met him at the fiddler and the ride last time you were up. Planning on coming down Sun morning so get there about lunchtime. Then planning on hanging out till arvo. Perhaps do the War Memorial. Any Ideas?
  12. lol nope and nope but i did see the pic of him and his fire engine ears :LOL: he wasn't on the ride or at the fiddler i don't think :oops:
  13. oh i got a few, war memorial is definately worth a look, the have just open a couple of new galleries, but there will be some open up in the next couple of months, a big chunck of the building is still a constrution site

    all if you guys head down the coast road ya' could meet leen and some other down at tuross, i will find out the rest f the details or perhap mel could post them up

    or we could do a run around the local twisties, hasn't rained for a little while so shouldn't be that much wash arouss the road :LOL:
  14. Thats a point, I will talk to Dave about going coastal... RU going on Leens ride or 2 BBQ?
  15. not sure about the ride but should be at the bbq
  16. Leen !

    After consulting with others . . . . i'm there !
    But i have to be back by mon lunch time for a family party for my b-day !

    I can go to Canberra and back twice with a tank of diesel I reckon with the new beast ! :grin:
  17. woohoo mickyb is in the hizouse lol, so bbq/mickyb's bday bash

    micky don't worry i will make sure your up and gone on time :grin:
  18. If micky's coming, I'm totally there! I wanna take the Fiat out for a blast :p
  19. :rofl:
  20. James im Dave, possibly missed you at the fiddler, but you will know me by the end of the weekend

    See ya there Micky!