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[ACT] License suspended for unpaid parking ticket

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, May 31, 2007.

  1. Jesus Christ! Can't believe ACT goverment suspends someones license for not paying pissy parking ticket!

    I've actually paid it which is more annoying but how's about that. Not even a speeding fine or driving like a d!ckhead.
  2. nsw do it too mate, if you hold a nsw license, they are also able to cancel your registration on act registered vechiles, for unpaid fines

    sucks especially if you have already piad the fine

    edit: made a mistake, not sure about license suspension for unpaid parking fine as they can not just assume the registered owner parked the car, but registration could be cancelled, take it up with the ACT
    shopfront as soon as you can
  3. Ha, i'd go to the one in civic where I work but that's been shut down! No interuption to services they say.... bullsh!t!!

    Yep, they've definitely suspended my license over a ticket, not the rego. Crazy stuff.
  4. yeah i got a letter in the mail saying that if i hadnt paid a fine withing 7 days, i would not be allowed to drive in the act, i have a nsw license and rego
  5. How the fook do they stop you driving in the ACT??
  6. pfft, in NSW you can have your license suspended for not paying a cityrail fine (eg, for fare evasion). I know this as my housemate had his license suspended this way.
  7. Try driving a company car in NSW. If you incur a traffic penalty and don't pay the fine within the required time, the RTA deem all cars belonging to that company (owner) to be unregistered and uninsured. So if your associate gets pinged for speeding and doesn't pay the fine, AND doesn't notify the boss, and then YOU have an accident in another company car, YOU are not covered by insurance, and YOU will be charged with an offence as well!!!
  8. It's not surprising mate, know a couple of people who've had it done to them, it's done everywhere. Though they had a couple of parking fines owing.

    However, you paying it then having this happen is pretty bloody shit. If you've still got the reciept from paying it take it in to one of the shopfronts and make them reverse it then and there.
  9. [VIC/International]

    Well, have a short term work around. I hold a UK licence as well, so every year go and get a IDP (international drivers perimt). No licence to cancel or suspend. Though they can fine you at a higher rate.

    Once asked a traffic cop about what they do if they caught a international driver doing say 5kph over the limit?
    Response: We'll there is no such thing as points on it, but they issue a fine that is about 3x the normal cost of a local. So a $180 fine becomes $540.
  10. mate, i have one unpaid since 2003 !

    I'm not allowed to drive/ride in the ACT. :LOL:
  11. no man that aint right, i have a uk licence and for a start you dont need an international licence to use it here, nor do you get multiplied fines either (well i never have in the erm.....couple that i have got over here) ind i have been riding on mine for the last 6 years (still classed as a temporary resident lol)
  12. You do the crime so you do the time or pay the fine.

    I haven't got a problem with licence cancellation for unpaid fines as there's $ millions of unpaid fines out there.

    Mind you they should at least notify you well prior to cancelling your licence so you've got time to pay it if you've forgotten or they stuffed up (has happened to me once).