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[ACT] Learner legal bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wade Wrench, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Comparing between NSW and ACT's lists, I noticed ACT's list does not contain the GS500 while NSW's does. Does that make the GS500 learner illegal in the ACT? Both states adhere to the 150Kw/ton ruling, so if the GS500 is found in NSW's list, it should logically be legal in the ACT. Would this be good enough to the traffic police?

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get a bike added into the ACT's learner legal list?
  2. I sometimes wonder if the list just hasnt been updated or whoever done em doesnt know how to copy/paste.

    IIRC one of the lists even lists a CB250RR.... WTF is that? a naked CBR250RR??? and even better... a CBTWOFIFTY < yes exactly spelt like that.

    RVF's aint listed either but they're LAMS approved.
  3. I agree, seems like they're not updating the list frequently...I suppose if you're riding a GS500 and get stopped, just be prepared to explain...provided that's good enough.
  4. That's true, so is it legal if the year isn't updated? lol.
  5. Someone should probably write in to get the ACT rego to update their antiquated formula for calculating the power to weight ratio.

    Their current formula makes absolutely no sense at all.

    According to the ACT legislation, the only requirement for LAMS motorcycles is that they be within 150KW/t, unlike the other eastern states which also have an engine capacity restriction of 660 ml. There is no mention that learners have to ride bikes published in the ACT rego's list, unlike the NSW legislation. Haven't bothered to check Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

    This is how the ACT rego calculates their power to weight ratio.

    For motorcycles below 260cc,


    Tare Weight(kg) + full tank of fuel(kg) + 90kg(weight of rider)

    For motorcycles above 260cc,


    Tare Weight(kg) + 68kg(weight of rider)

    The NSW formula irrespective of cc is:


    Tare Weight(kg) + 90kg(weight of rider+fuel)

    What springs to mind is why should a full tank of fuel be allowed for bikes below 260cc? And why the assumption that riders of bikes below 260cc are 90kg?

    Likewise why no fuel allowance added for bikes above 260cc. And why the assumption that riders of bikes above 260cc are only 68kg?
  6. I think the reason you see so many oddball model definitions in teh ACT list, is that you can fill in a form, submit it, and if the particular bike conforms to the power/weight rules, they will put it on teh list.
    I am sure some computer nerd just types in verbatim what is on teh form, not knowing a bar grip from a shift lever.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. The form to register a new model states one has to submit scans from the owner's manual, workshop manual etc to support the submission. Not quite sure how thorough they are in checking the details.

    In any case, I wrote to the ACT rego to ask about the formula they are using and got a very detailed reply as follows:

    The ACT distinguishes between motorcycles up to and above 260cc as a result of no capacity limit being applied to LAMS in the ACT. When legislation was passed in the ACT and development of the calculation to be used was undertaken it was initially determined to utilise the unladen weight of the motorcycle and the power claimed by the manufacturer of the vehicle as advised through what are now the Road Vehicle Descriptor documents submitted to the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government in support of compliance plate applications. This is a true measure of the power to weight ratio of a motorcycle. However, on consulting with regard to these matters it was established that NSW provided an allowance for rider/luggage and fuel. As a result it was decided to follow the NSW calculation for motorcycles with a capacity of not more than 260cc, and utilise a more accurate calculation of power to weight for motorcycles with a capacity above 260cc. The reasoning for this is that a motorcycle can be ridden until the fuel is all used and rarely operates with a completely full fuel tank, and there is no obligation to carry luggage and so the mass utilised for a number of other safety measures – the 95th percentile adult male mass of 68kg was utilised. Including any allowance for rider mass is a significant concession.

    At the time the ACT implemented LAMS only NSW had a similar requirement. You would need to seek information from NSW as to why they did not follow the ACT requirements for power to weight calculations for motorcycles above 260cc when they increased their capacity limit of LAMS from 260cc to 660cc.

    There is no intention of changing the ACT requirements at this stage.

    So to summarise, they're not interested in aligning their formula with what's used in the other states.
  8. lol bosco, as mitch pointed out on canberra riders the rvf400 actually shouldn't be LAMS approved

    i worked out the power to weight based on a 68kg rider which the act allows for on anything over 260cc, the rvf comes in at 192kw/tonne, even with a 100 kg rider allowed for anything under 260 at came with 174kw/tonne, so no the rvf isn't on the list for that reason alone
  9. Easiest way to tell is that they print it on the rego sticker. :wink:
  10. What do they print? Just checked with Canberra Motorcycle Centre and they say nothing about LAMS is stated on the sticker??
  11. I could swear they printed LAMS on my rego label. I'll check it later when I get a chance....
  12. yup. states lams on my nsw rego sticker
  13. yeah in NSW it is lams, honda botched up the nfigures and it got on the list, but it doesn't fall under the 150kw/tonne so the ACT hasn't put it on it's list
  14. I think the ACT should align their formula with the other states in the area, but of course if they did that, they might also have to change the capacity limit to 660.
  15. i don't really care if they change it or not.... I'm not gonna go sell the bike now cos the ACT continues in its quest to be the most boring place in Aus... I mean I shouldnt be riding the bike, i should be out at floriade and tasting wine..... every weekend :roll:
  16. whats wrong with wine tasting? wine is still alcohol :p
  17. lol the joke is that if you look at their list, almost all Harleys qualify in spite of their huge engine cc, all averaging around a litre. If they changed the formula to be fully aligned with NSW, there go the Harleys...
  18. Actually no, it's not a joke. If you can deal with the size, there's nothing wrong with a Harley as learner bike. An 883 Sportster would be a good first cruiser.
  19. +1.

    Engine capacity should have nothing to do with it. I think NSW and VIC have got it wrong with their LAMS lists and should change it to meet the ACT with no cc limit. I reckon my 250 would give a lot of those Harley's a good run.