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ACT LAMS bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. hey guys, you may have seen my other thread about buying a bike. however new infomation has come to my attention:

    im from NSW and hold a NSW Drivers license, however i currently live in the ACT for university. i was just reading their website and if i got for an ACT riders license there are many benefits such as being able to ride at the same speed as all other traffic.

    but the main benefit is only using the power to weight ratio of 150kw /tonne and no CC limitations.

    while i have pretty much made up my mind about either having a GS500 or a CB400, are there any other bikes that i should take a look into considering i can now go for bikes that are <150kw/t but > 660cc

  2. I wouldnt worry about looking for something over 700cc since theres not a lot of point with the power/weight restriction.

    Unless of course you want an overweight, underpowered harley.

    Something like a suzuki GSX650F is about as much bike as you can get on restrictions.
  3. Technically you are bound by the NSW speed restrictions (when in NSW) as a learner but not on your P/restricted license, FYI.
  4. Are you sure as far as i know you must follow the laws of the state your are licensed in. can you link me to where it says otherwise?

  5. Technically you are wrong.
    Please consult the politics and laws threads for legal questions.
  6. Just a thought though....
    You're from ACT or VIC with P plates where you can ride posted speed limits.
    You find yourself in NSW, your riding at 110 and a cop sees a p plater 20kph over.
    I would say the process of pulling you over would have started well before he realises your interstate plates.....

    what a freakin hassle....
  7. yea but from what ive experienced driving the hume at 110kph on nsw greens in my pre 2005 model car, (where the speedo is must only be 10% + or - accurate, meaning that 110 is within the bounds of the law) they dont bother to pull you over because you dont come up on their radars as speeding, they have to see your plates to realize that you are.

    i hope the same will happen with bikes, quite likely considering that your Ls are on the back of the bike and so HWP will only notice as you drive past.
  8. :nopity:

    Actually, he is right. Whilst riding in NSW, an ACT L-plater must not exceed 80KPH. However an ACT rider with a provisional licence may ride at the posted speed limit.

    There are a few other benefits of an ACT licence. One being the non existant cc limit, the other being you only need to ride a LAMS bike for 1 year after you receive your provisional licence. Oh, plus BAC of 0.02.
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  10. You're allowed to ride a triumph scrambler if the budget stretches, that'd be grouse.
  11. Hm that triumph is epic however the budget could only cover it if i wore no gear, which is not really an option. do you guys know how they calculate the 150kw/tonne, i use the calculator that vicroads has for their P plate car scheme and it said that a CB400 has like 200 and something kw/t.

    do they incorporate the weight of the average rider into the equation? if so what weight do they use?
  12. This is how the do the calculations. For more details visit...