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ACT Joyrider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Day, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Just saw this bloke on Ch Ten news. The AFP are unhappy and have raided a house under warrant and questioned a bloke for a few hours over it.


    I found it by typing in Canberra Joy rider. There are two vids to be found.

    The AFP are taking it pretty seriously. Some people need to wake up to the fact that the act itself is dumb but posting it on the web isn't to smart either.
  2. For sale: 1 slightly used POV video camera.

    Hello Yellow Pages! {AFP/Blue Murder Style}

  3. Gotta wonder of some peoples intelligence, i mean dumb enough doing it, double dumb filming it, and triple dumb posting it, and under the name canberra joyride to make it an easier find for any net surfing policeman, don't think i will have to worry about seeing him on the road any time soon but
  4. The Z750 goes alright then. Perhaps Kawasaki will post bail for the guy?
  5. what a dick head! all they have to do is work out what kind of bike based on the instrument panel, look up which ones are registered in the area and cross reference with the location of the computer the video was uploaded from, and bob's your uncle! the coppers like to make examples of people who are blatantly parading the fact that they break the law.

    phuck him....
  6. he could have uploaded it from anywhere

    I wonder though if they can find out who viewed it first as it would most likely be the person who put it up
  7. yeeeeeep what a knob
  8. Youtube profile for him.
    Name: Joel
    Age: 21

    If thats right then I think he just narrowed the search a little. Also in the other vid by him he shows the bike in full. So narrowed down again.
  9. As long as he doesn't make admissions he can beat the charges. Digital image manipulation, and idiot's best friend along with silence........ He has the right to remain silent, hopefully he had the good sense to use it.
  10. He's an idiot for not protecting his privacy and anonymity better.

    His riding isn't that dangerous though. Hope they don't find him.
  11. Let this be a lesson to all of us:

    1) Have an alternative web-based e-mail.
    2) Upload dodgy things from public computers.
    3) Or do your homework on proxies and IP masking.
  12. i just got onto the internet and that was the first thing i saw.

    I knew that it would be up here already with people talking about it.

    Agree that its a ridiculously stupid thing to do. How did he think he wasnt going to get caught in the state that houses the AFP nonetheless.

    All i can say is:
    Chance - Go directly to jail, Do not pass go, Do not collect $200.

    *edit* forgot the crucial part to the quote
  13. And don't forget the soap on a rope and the KY! :LOL:
  14. if he got caught, he deserves to go away

    getting caught because of youtube is a shameful way to go
  15. redtube on the other hand.....

    *jokes!* Not letting this thread go downhill already!
  16. Well, this rider's IQ obviously matches what comes out his ar$e.

    Personally, I hope they throw the book at him. For God's sake, leave this sh!t for track days. Maybe take up racing.

    Are you for f#*king real? The possibilites this clown could cause an accident is mindboggling.

    Next time you, or any of your family are out walking & check to cross the road and there's a few cars in the distance(enough time to cross), or a slight rise in the road that makes it hard to see what's coming, both hiding an MC doing 230+kph, just think back to this post, because at over 230kph, you won't see him coming, untill it's too late.
  17. Getting caught has probably saved his life . Taking those sort of risks could only end bad.
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    I beg to differ n00b.

    NL7CmfFH3lQ[/media]]Review the clip & provide time count(s) of instances which have lead you to
    come to that conclusion.

    Irrelevant rubbish.

    Provide time count(s) in footage where dangerous riding takes place in
    residential area where walkers are or could be near the main roads when
    bike is doing 200, let alone 230+ km/h?