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[ACT] Jindabyne Ride, Sat Oct 21st

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. The staff and punters from Action Motorcycles are at it again! Come and join us on the Saturday 21st of October for a ride to Jindabyne & a night of splendour at the Lake Jindabyne Hotel.

    The ride will leave Action Motorcycles Mitchell at 2.30pm & ...

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  2. New bike just hit 1000km and I can't get my first service until next week so no ride for me this weekend. I'm so disappointed. :(
  3. Bugger, it sounds like it is going to be a great weekend.
  4. Got it booked in at Eurotunes on Wednesday so I'm going... yay! :D
  5. Good work!

    I'll see ya Saturday arvo for the line up :]
  6. Strangely enough I will be riding down to Berridale and Jindy on Saturday arvo with eldest daughter on the back...

    I need to pack up my Berridale rented place and put my gear in storage....

    Will be with local friends on Saturday night in Jindy....

    But look out for a 04 Silver R1 - me with blue/silver Tiger Angel lethers....and a kid on the back in black textile jacket with purple camo dragins (and her MX boots!!!)...

  7. Ooooooooooooooooo... I was planning on doing a ride to here...... So, I think I may be on this ride.....

    Jindabyne here I come... :LOL: maybe
    With regards to accommodation, is this in town or is it out of town????
  8. I believe the accommodation is in town... but not 100% sure on that!

    JDM - come find us and say g'day!

    Apparently the order of events when we arrive in Jindy are: go to bar, go to restaurant, go back to bar :] We shouldn't be too hard to miss.
  9. Im sooo pissed! I was keen to come on this ride but my bike has busted a tappet or dropped a valve on the weekend :mad:

    It's my only form of transport too, so buses here I come :roll:
  10. OK, I am definately in..... Since no-one else was coming along to Bright, I have decided to goto Jindabyne and hang out with about 40 other riders.

    Have booked a room and am ready to go. If anyone wants to come along, let me know as I have two options for the run there and back.

    Option 1.
    Ride the whole way there via the back roads all the way. Probably take about 8 to 9 hours as a guess

    Option 2.
    Trailer the bike to Albury and drop the bike off there. Then, take some fun and twisty runs through to Jindabyne

    Leaning towards option 2 at the moment.....
  11. Something I never bothered to ask....

    Do Sydney people mind a Slow Mexican coming along and meeting for drinks saturday night?
  12. The more the merrier I say! Though I am not a Sydney person so maybe I don't count :cool:
  13. Good point.

    I did look at your website.... Quite impressive.

    I was actually in Sydney about 5 to 6 weeks ago and organised a ride.... Not too many turned up. Although, a few did and it was certainly an entertaining time.

    Anyway, what I was getting at - 2 female riders attended and I was wondering were you one of them? I was the Melbourne guy, Mitch, on the GSX1400
  14. :LOL: doubt it - I'm in Canberra :wink:
  15. I must say, I am quite excited by this weekend ride....

    Lookinf forward to completely destroying my tyres as I have had the bike retuned and it feels oh so special :twisted:
  16. Well... what an awesome weekend. :cool:

    Judge Geoffrey - were you there? If you were I missed meeting you!

    It was great to meet you Sir Skuffy - I still can't believe you were actually up and ready to go at 7:00am! Not like all the other Canberrian pikers... out of about 30 bikes only 9 ended up going for the ride in the end... a few made it as far as Thredboish before turning back, the others all headed straight back to Canberra. :LOL:

    Was an awesome ride - and I too destroyed a rear tyre (well Brett says I destroyed it, I reckon its still good) :grin: :grin: :grin:
  17. I was there, I was the guy with the blue/white gixxer with a pillion. Pretty sure I know who you are, sorry I didn't get to say hello - I had intended on it...

    What happened to me was about an hour into the ride one of the other guys informed us that my girlfriends backpack had come unzipped. We pulled over and had a look and I'd lost a fair bit of stuff, most notably my sunglasses which were worth $750 plus I had some cash in the sunnies case with them.

    So we started riding back looking all over the road for any of my stuff. Eventually we came across my thongs and my beanie, but alas no sunglass case.

    I was almost back to Canberra, and that upset that I'd lost close to $1000 of stuff that I just went home.
  18. What a bugger about all your stuff!

    There were so many people I didn't know and quite a few Gixxers so I didn't know who was who.
  19. Hey all,

    Arrived home at 2:50pm Sunday afternoon..... Very very tired last night.

    Mental note to self - Never ride at that time of the morning, hands were absolutely freezing..... Apart from that, great meeting everyone.

    Now, for the Canberra mob that went home early - you soft buggers.