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ACT - how big of a fine?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by finski13bbp, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. hey just wondering how big a fine would you get if were caught on a illegal motorcycle on your L's? such as a 600cc? im in the ACT

  2. If you have a prang and kill or mame somebody whilst on a 600 i wouldnt be worrying about the fine ,more so the big daddy in jail thats gonna make you his wife
  3. yeh pretty sure there would be a court hearing and they'll probably try make an example out of you.

    therefore most probably some jail time,
    not worth it.
  4. yeh its just that my friend wants to borrow my cbr250rr for the week,
    because we're trying to sell it to one of our mates who lives in queensland, and also i dont have the time to go so he would for me.
    so if i wanted to i could ride his 07 zxr600r for the week, ive ridden it before its a sweet bike lol :p
  5. Not worth the risk, IMO.
  6. It's a $130 fine and no points, IIRC.

    Not displaying your Ls, however, is a $130 fine and 3 points.

    So you're best off riding around on the ZX6R with your L plates on, believe it or not.
  7. really? thats not that bad, does anyone know if that would be similar for ACT?
  8. No, he's best off not riding the ZX in the first place. Can't get any fines that way. :wink:
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  10. 16, huh!? still a kid.

    class mate was 2 minutes out from his house in his newly painted commodore this morning. 16 yr old, unlicensed driver, who took his brothers car for a spin, came flying around a roundabout too hot and collected the commodore.

    nobody was hurt in this instance.
  11. 16? huh? im actually 17 lol think i filled out my registration thing wrong
  12. lol. get the registration right before u start posting questions asked a million times over :p

    seriously though, take a lil bit of time, and look about the forums. i guarantee 99% of your questions have already been asked once, if not more times. and answered a million times over.

    plus this belongs in the "laws and politics" forum, as ur asking about legalities. theres probably 3 posts of the same question just on the first page of threads in there :LOL:

    aaanyway, stick with ur pirate bike. not worth the risk matey.
    just enjoy what you have :grin:
  13. oh. welcome to the forums too :p

    go introduce urself in the Lounge
  14. anyway, if ya gonna do it then go all the way. it'll put some hair on that chest of yours and you'll get street cred. oh, and the chicks...

  15. in the ACT i think you will actually say good bye to your learners for 6 months, forget the fine