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[ACT] Hit And Run

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Exonoesis, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Well today 12:20pm 23/12/11 riding along a quiet 60km/h street i had been driving past a "T" intersection and a white commodore patiently waiting for me to go past so he can pull out. as i have gone past the T intersection and The commodore, i realize a small impact making the rear of my bike go sideways (to the right) and me beginning to fall. trying to stable the bike the front wheel hit the gutter and the bike flew itself around with me still on it. All in this short frame of time the commodore had see me fall. as he has hit me and done a Hit-And Run. I have no witnesses, and No help to pull myself from under the bike.

    im thankfully lucky and okay, no broken bones, or Abrasions (i cant encourage enough for everyone to buy the best quality Armour they can afford)

    However i now have a damaged bike and i'm looking at a $1000 excess

    Here is the Incident. below




    These Images Are From Google Earth not from the actual Event.

    Will upload photo of bike shortly not sure if i should get damaged fixed

  2. Holy crap. At least you're intact, and that counts the most.

    How badly is the bike damaged?
  3. Dint from rim from gutter, snapped mirror
    reasonable sc**** out on right side fairing and engine. still runs.
  4. Not worth the $1000 excess, IMO. Replace the mirror, get it mechanically OK'd, keep the fairing battle scar.
  5. How bloody stupid can you get. I assume you've gone straight to the coppers with this? Hit and run is something they should take very seriously.
  6. Who can do what exactly? I understand the sentiment but no point being unrealistic about it.
  7. True, probably not much they can do, but you never know where there is CCTV cameras, it is worth a chance. At the very least a police report may aid with an insurance claim.
  8. You didn't get the plate I assume? By law you have to submit a crash report within 24 hours to police in the ACT. Your insurance company will ask if this had been done and for the job number.

    The only thing you can potentially do in this circumstance is ring 131 444 at the time ASAP, tell the operator what has happened, and hope a patrol can find the car in the area and stop it.
  9. Plus, they are Canberra cops, its not like they actually have anything to do.
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  10. First thing i did was let insurance know what happen as if i end up having to claim.then asked if i had left a report and it would be required for claim. also they notified as its happen it is important in case it ever happens to anyone else or a young child (near the school) where i was hit.

    i'm fine, the bike isn't in a too bad condition. i will be replacing the mirror and the "battle scar" can stay.
  11. Try to recall as many details as possible. I know this road, and if they were pulling out of conley drive its possible or likely they live there as its a closed loop, so its unlikely they were passing through.

    In fact I would say they could be tracked down, and if theres still damage on their vehicle, you may have a chance of resolving this.
  12. Yeah thats what i told the police. i will be hoping in my car at 6 tonight and drive around and see what i can find, they will more than likely be home then.
    i have a feeling it was a younger driver as i remember blackish rims with that silver border, but stupid thing is, its a white commodore, how many of them are there in Australia? At the end of the day im not sure if the incident report will come to anything and just maybe we might find the driver. Just pleased im alive and not injured for this Christmas break.
  13. Did you see whether it had ACT plates too? Non standard rims are a big help.

    I will keep a look out, and will go cycling around that area over the next week in between work shifts to see what I can find.
  14. i wouldnt go to a big effort mate, it was a older style commodore around 1995 i cant say i remember plates, its just one of those things when you ride past each car everyday and not think anything of it hard to remember.
  15. Jack was on the way to a meet point with me for a ride when this happened. I can't tell you how shocked I was to hear what had happened. I made the initial call to the Police and while they were concerned and said he should report it, the reality was there wasn't much they could do.

    You know, I understand that but this is a clear case of hit and run so I thought a cop would at least interview him considering what a serious offense was being reported. Instead they suggested he file a report online via CanberraConnect.

    I suppose if Jack had been taken away in an ambulance or killed there might have been some interest from the cops. Thank goodness that wasn't the case but I'm still worried about this. It wasn't that long ago that two young riders were killed here in Canberra in the same exact circumstances. A very sad loss of life for no reason.
  16. Canberra Police have no interest in any crime at all unless they can fine some one for it

    They have the worst reputation across Australia amongst the police forces

    Even other state police forces dump shit on them

    If it was Queanbeyan they would have gone after someone with shotguns kicked a door down and made some arrests
  17. mate, quick as you can, I'd be doorknocking the houses around there.......... someone may have seen something.... (kids in the yard/ old stickybeak at the window) you'd have made enough bluddy noise surely........:p
    that, and scout the area for this prick.......... if its a deadend street he may just be back..........look for damage/paint on the front of his car.... dont front him..... if you find him, report it to the cops, in person, down at the nearest station
  18. alo as per what Rouges said - make sure you photograph the damage on the car with a date stamp

    the darker rims with silver edge is a good lead - sure it may be a white commodore but how many will have those rims and how many may live/visit in that area ?

    ask around the street it came out of - people may know of the car - could be a young trouble maker that has pissed people off in his or her street and this opportunity to teach the driver a lesson many people will go for and assist you
  19. Also remember that though your ok, it could have been worse. To hit someone and leave without checking they are ok is one of the lowest things someone could do.Chances are he was probably drunk or on something which would explain why he ran. Someone like this deserves a shit storm for all our safety, do what ever you can to get the ****er.
  20. No rego plate, no dice bud.