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[ACT] Hello:)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by EvilElmo, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Hey guys!

    Yet another general thread, I am doing my L's test on the 9th/10th of April! Very excited :D Looking at buying the new 250 ninja :) But will depend on what price I can haggle down.

    Canberra isn't so good for haggling prices, only one place here sells them apparently :( But my aim is for $7300 on road :)

    So yeah..

    Hi :D
  2. Hiya and welcome!

    The new 250 ninjas look very nice! Good luck with your L's and with the bargaining!

    Maybe we'll see you at coffee sometime! (every Monday evening from 6pm at Tilley's in Lyneham, there's a thread in the "Other State Events" section) :D
  3. Welcome Aboard !
  4. Call some Sydney dealers, and tell CMC what quotes you have,
    CMC will try to play hardball, but when you come to them with quotes $2k cheaper, they'll eventually call you back!
    Shop around and the Sydney dealers will surprise you.
    If they don't, get the bike shipped down, sure it's $300, but if you save more than a grand, it'll be worth it.
    (for those that don't know, CMC has a monopoly on the ACT for Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda).

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Though you can cruise 10min out to Dahlitz for a Zook.
  6. Welcome

    I suggest you get your insurance sorted out before the bike because when you get it you'll want to ride it and it will take you a few days to get used to the new bike.

    Sounds great, You are in for some great times.

    Be safe
  7. Thanks guys :)

    Going for my L's test today.

    Still tossing up between the 250 ninja or a CBR250RR and spending the 2k i save on snowboarding stuff :)

    We'll see though. First, the licence.
  8. You'll need the extra 2k for maintenance if you're looking at a near 20 year old bike mate ;)
  9. :) Thats the thing thats holding me back hehe.

    Might go for a soft option, CBR125R instead.
  10. CBR125 is not a bad option if you don't need to go 100 km/h
  11. what? all the way to qbn??? nah, too far.
    thats the canberra way :LOL:
  12. if only that wasn't a joke, family member sthat we no longer associate with visited once in 6 years, apparently they need a week off to travel interstate :LOL:

    welcome evilelmo so is it canberra or sydney? your user info is confusing lol
  13. Canberra :p

    Was once from Sydney, just moved here.
  14. Passed!

    :) Going to shopfront tomorrow. Gonna go shopping over the weekend.
  15. congrats and happy hunting