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[ACT] Cotter Run, Sun Aug 26th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: wedge

    The weather looks to be good for the weekend.
    A run around the Cotter, Uriarra, etc.
    Meet at Black Mountain at 1:30pm

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  2. what day is sunday??
  3. the one where you wake up blurry eyed and sore headed after saturday night joel

    pending clutch being done on the bike you know i will be there karl
  4. zippitt!!!
    darts=beer=drunk=howthafuggamidrivingbacktofinishDonaldRd...in 5hrs :?
  5. OI! pop out and visit tomorrow james, im workign on the asphalt crew (no sealing on) which my brother is the stupidvisor, so i just stand around and pretend to do nuffin :grin:

    i'll bust the lock on sumfin so you have to come out ;)
  6. Sounds good... I'm hangover dependant, but I should have recovered somewhat by 1:30 (it's my sister's bday on saturday) :grin:
  7. will try to joel no promises :LOL:
  8. Go Melly, hopefuly by 1:30pm you may be able to regain some focus and the feeling of your legs, or your left leg at least :LOL:
  9. ah she rides better hung over anyway :LOL:
  10. im comin'
  11. Well, I haven't been too successfull in getting along to the coffee meets despite my best intentions (work late, cage back to Tugg, change = too late) so look forward to getting out to this ride.

    Good to see some larger capacity bikes...my wife and her friend are L's on 250s...quite an exercise in restraint doing Cotter loop AND keeping them in sight for the ride LOL!

  12. I'm a maybe, depends if I get the bike back together
  13. Its good to see a few people coming along to this. It'll be a pretty cruisy ride, as fast or as slow as you want :wink:
    There are the usual meet spots along the way to regroup and chill out for a breather, so it'll cater for everyone :grin:
    We'll figure out the minor details when we meet on Sunday
  14. im still comin'

    saw james today, and he is my witness.....i did nothing but play on my laptop and watch people work :LOL: <=lazy
  15. and call your crew useless bastards or something along those lines after they dropped hot mix in the middle of the road for cars to drive over :LOL:
  16. Yet another ride I can't come on! I am playin hockey at 2:30.

    Only 2 more games in the season though and after that there will be no excuses!
  17. We're doing a lot of riding and it's still winter...I can only imagine how much we will be doing when it starts to heat up :twisted: :twisted:.
  18. Oh yeah... bring on summer!

  19. if they were my normal boys, i'd have been screaming :evil: those asphalt blokes arent very clever. all my boys were in the Overhead Powerlines Awareness course, i get them back on Thursday.

    soooo, we go watch hockey then?? :p :p :LOL:

    edit- BTW, working in queanbeyan, after only 4 hours sleep and a whopper hangover from darts sux!! but i hid it well....i think :LOL:
  20. Queanbeyan eh? Hungover eh? Sounds good to me :LOL:

    Which roads you working on Joel?
    It'll be good to go for a ride with ya on Sunday mate, good luck with the rest of the week :wink: