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ACT cops lookin for 2 bikes doing 240km/h on the parkway

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Devilcv8, Nov 5, 2008.

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  2. 500m to stop? Yeah right... :roll:

    I bet thats only using your shoes.
  3. Maybe 500m if it was a GPX, but we will never have to worry about a GPX reaching a speed above 150..

    Would be interesting to know how long they would take to stop at that speed..

    Anyone got any solid facts on this?
  4. 240 clicks in t-shirts... Either very brave or very, very stupid.

    I'm sure someone will recognise them from those pics.
  5. 240km/h = 66.7m/s

    So say it takes you an ungodly 4 seconds to come to a stop....thats still only half of what was reported. Damn media... [EDIT: Sorry, it'd be a quarter of what was reported wouldn't it? Assuming an average 240~0 speed of 120km/h]

    And if you go to the trouble of no plate etc...why not just attend a track day?
  6. Turn 3 at Phillip Island flat out you'll exit at around 230-235kph when you reach the 150m braking marker which is when I started braking about 10m before that, with the rear wheel hopping the whole way into Turn 4 which you take at around 70kph or so. Takes about 18m or so to brake to standstill from 70kph.

    At 240kph, realistically we're talking about 190m of braking distance plus reaction time. Let's throw on 0.5s for reaction time, and you're adding about another 35m.

    All up, about 215m to come to a standstill (if nothing stops you sooner).

    Alternately, consider a fixed 1.15g deceleration, which is about the peak deceleration rate for bikes for riders who know what they're doing. Using that estimates around 197m braking distance, plus 33m reaction time, so around 230m.

    So yeah, I'd estimate about 215m best effort, 230m good effort, and maybe at most 300m for a very sloppy effort.

    Deceleration rate at very high speeds can significantly exceed the 1.15g balance point for most bikes due to the wind resistance. Initially the deceleration rate can peak at some higher point and drop away, which is likely what explains the in-practice at Phillip Island vs simplistic theoretical differences.
  7. I wouldn't give them up to the police, if I knew who they were.
  8. Flux :cry: Dont let a little science ruin what was a good police "beat up" story

    The speeders are comming, head for the hills :shock:
  9. Wasn't me.
  10. He actually looks like he's wearing NO shirt!
    Either way it definitely doesn't look like a leather jacket. Jebus!
  11. I did it on my SR. :LOL:
  12. Is it me or is his @rse hanging out??

    Anyways, why the fook are the police putting out a public announcement for this bloke when there's far greater crimes they dont put out announcements for happening every day? Yes people COULD have been hurt and he COULD have died, but he didn't. If only they put this much focus on other real crimes.
  13. :LOL: I think it's just a guy that's so fat that you can't tell where his love handles end and his butt cheeks start. One of the most tragic cases of plumber's crack I've seen.

    This is what sucks about squids. I don't want to see a fat loser with his T shirt flapping up around his armpits. If it was a hot chick in a dress, it would be OK.
  14. The police could probably be doing other things, but I think they are just reflecting the public who are fed up with rev heads endangering others on the roads. Take the family that lost both parents recently to two guys drag racing along the highway here in Sydney...

    I know nothing happened, but the point is it could have. I say - go to the track.
  15. Gimme 10 minutes and ill let you know...
  16. I don't think the ZX2R's brakes work at all when you push the bike off of a sheer cliff-face, brettar. :LOL:
  17. I do remember seeing a fat cu*t on a Repsol Blade at the ACT NR coffee nights. :rofl:
  18. haha very funny wise guy :LOL:

    Well if i can drive off the cliff at 240km/h, and the cliff is less than 500 m high...wait, that assumes I can reach 240 on the ZX2R!

    ...ok you win :oops:
  19. Meh. I see plenty more dangerous activities by road users every day.
  20. that first guy has some major back fat going on! :LOL:


    DEFENDANT: But your honour I thought if I went as fast as I could the fat would just fall off me.... :wink: