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ACT Coffee meet?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sonja, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Any ACT people up for a coffee night again soon?

    Date and time suggestions needed!
  2. Yup. Maybe a Thursday? I think Wednesday didn't suit some...

  3. Not tonight :(

    Have a stab at a date/time and if I'm free I'll come :)

  4. Okay, my week is looking like this:

    Tonight: way too busy
    Tomorrow - Sunday: guest here from overseas
    Monday/Tuesday: free
    Wednesday/Thursday: unsure
    Friday: free
  5. Mmm...my weeks is looking kinda ordinary too.
    Next week, is looking a little better. Either Monday or Wednesday nights work best for me.
  6. Monday's do-able! Essen? Got uni hols atm and ive only got work thur-sun.

    Also, if any of you are up for it me and a couple mates are going for a ride this sat morning. All three of us are going for our p's at 11.30 so we're gonna head out for a ride beforehand - more than welcome to join if you want?! Prob cotter run from banks end through to the city/belco end, then we'll head of to sutton rd for the test.
  7. Here's my next month or so:

    Wed/Thur: Waxing (skis) and have the kids.
    Fri/Sat: Racing
    Sunday: Got the kids and daughter has Tae Kwon Do grading.
    Mon-Fri: Sydney
    Sat: End of (ski) season BBQ.
    Sun: Packing up my rental house in Berridale.
    Mon-Fri: Beijing
    Sat-Sun: MMMM...I might be free or still packing up house.
    Mon-Wed: MMMM...I might be free or I'll have the kids.
    Thur/Fri: Sydney
    Sat/Sun: Helping a mate move.
    First 3 weeks of Oct: Singapore, Korea, Japan, China.

    I think then I'll be free for few weeks....

    And people wonder why I don't have a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hmmm, I'd like to make it along. Monday and Thursday nights work for me, apart from that I'm usually busy. So who's going to organise a ride some weekend? :wink:
  9. ME!

    and i dont even live there...
    i'll be forcing you guys to do the bermagui - tathra run and back :grin:

    whenever i get a spare second :(
  10. What would everyone think about organising a ride for either Saturday the 7th or 14th of october? It'll give plenty of time to organise work etc for those of us lucky enough to work weekends? We can make a day ride for it and go through and pick up Joel on the way and then head off to some random obscure place. :idea: :?: :grin:
  11. I'm praying that the 7th will be out for me. I lose restrictions on the 6th and have a CBR600 lined up for me in Gosford. I hope to spend that saturday seeing how she is, and hope that I spend the sunday riding her home. :grin:
  12. So how does the 14th sound instead?
  13. Like a plan! :LOL:
  14. you know it just might work!
  15. If all works out well, it should be great!
  16. I grew up down Bega way, and I've done that road about a thousand times in the car, but never on the bike yet. I'd be keen.
  17. Whats the run like? Ive never done that one so im up for it. And whoever knows it well i can give you a hand planning it, just dunno how much help i'd be.

    So its looking like Oct 14 - Tarthra run? On whereis.com it says its around a 2.5hour trip from Canberra. If we're calling through Mogo on the way - make it a 3.5hour ride. But then again, whereis always overestimates!!! :grin:
  18. If the route is Canberra > Batemans > Bermagui > Tathra, that would be well over 2.5 hours I'd say.
  19. if that is the route you keen?
  20. Yeah, probably.
    What way back? From Tathra, the quickest way would be through Bega, and Cooma, but it would be a nicer ride back up the coast.
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