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[ACT] Coast Run - Sunday 20 May, Sun May 20th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, May 16, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mel

    Sunday 20 May - Coast Run to Malua Bay for some wicked burgers!

    Meet: Caltex Servo at Bungendore at 9:30am for a 10:00am departure

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  2. Its a go people!!!
    I'll be there, up and down the Clyde should be good as long as we dont leave for home too late and have to dodge crazy canberra day trippers
  3. oh but thats half the fun, splitting/passing on douyble whites :LOL:

    will be there
  4. wouldn't it be getting a bit cold for your average day tripper ? Well I'm hoping anyway... :grin:

    It's only mean to be 15 here on Sunday!
  5. Maybe Mel, but they have this new fangled device in cars known as 'heating' :shock: I know its a shock to the system, its kind of like riding with heated grips except all of you stay warm :wink:
  6. :LOL: and what... they're gonna go to the coast to sit in the car?? :LOL:

  7. Never underestimate the desire to see a body of water that is more than a glorified pond.
  8. Awww thats so a point to me :grin: +1 (with an assist from haggis)
  9. so kier are you coming?
  10. Dang :(
  11. That's the sort of permission I received from the girlfriend :p. I'm in for sure.

  12. How does everyone feel about a 9:30 meet, to leave at 10:00???
  13. hopefully my credit card is reactivated so i can get a new helmet tomorrow but 9.30 is good for me
  14. 9:30 is good for me

  15. we have a new proposal, which will entail the bay for lunch, then head down to eden to check the pubs out then back up via the brown

    anyone against this?
  16. Coming back up the Brown sounds good to me...

    we can let the others know how awesome (or otherwise) the pubs are!

  17. Ah the Brown sounds good to me, looking foward to it now :wink: Mel are you going to bring your clear visor for the ride home along the Manaro?? :LOL:
  18. She isn't the only one. Picked up a pair of $10 sunnies specifically for this purpose.
  19. so kier are you up for a run down to eden after lunch at the bay? you ignorant ass :LOL:
  20. yeah think I might leave the tinted visor at home and do the sunnies under helmet thing for this one :cool: