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ACT: changing over rego details

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by d7b, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Hi folks,

    I live in Sydney, and want to buy a bike registered in the ACT.

    NOW! before you hastle me with 'this has been done to death bla bla bla' let me finish! :)

    I want to keep the rego in the ACT (it is a track bike anyway) .

    so: what do i need to take to the ACT registry to change the details over from the seller to buyer? will i need a ACT address including proof of address? can i say i live in NSW and still have it registered in the ACT? I have an ACT address, but no ACT license...

    i have loads of vehicles in NSW but never remember what they do (do they even check my ID!? proof of address?!) i know, im daft.

    thanks for any help ladies and gents

  2. or after i buy it in the ACT, can i only dump its rego and get it inspected in NSW for RTA rego?
  3. If its a track bike why do you want to register it at all?
  4. Ditto
  5. I swear if you grab that SMR570 before I get a chance to get myself from Melb up there to test ride it, I'll... I'll... Well I won't be happy :(

    But to add to the discussion, suppose I was actually interested in the same bike, and wanted to have it registered in Victoria, what would the process be?