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[ACT] Canberra Bike-Fest, Sat May 3rd

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mitch

    The BikeFest is coming! Saturday 3rd May, 2008. Gates open 12pm til 4pm. This is the Canberra motorcycling community's biggest and newest day of motorcycling fun!

    Catch on the day: Team CunningStunts amazing stunt riding, motorcycle displays and exh...

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  2. Has anyone been to this?? I've seen the ads yet can't quite figure out exactly what it is or what its for? Stunts and learners?? :-k
  3. I think it is the first one.
  4. It's just a bike show with a bunch of stuff going on. The guy who's putting it on is hoping to aim it at the general public a bit as well, hence Stay Upright letting people have spin round the L's course.
  5. yeah first time GS5hundy are we going to see you there, so we can finally put an name to the face

    canberrariders will have a stand out there, with the good work of 2ndclass
  6. Yes it is the first one of it's type in Canberra!! WOOT WOOT!

    We will have 2 riders giving a demonstration there and since Cunningstunts was started in Canberra we will have a few of the ACT Team Members there to have a chat to etc. We will even be parking a stunt bike on it's 12 bar to allow people to have a sit and see what they think!

    Will be good to see you, and most of Canberra's bike commnuity there!
  7. Im going to head up for a look, just trying to organise a babysitter. I will definately be taking the long way from Lanyon via Tidbinbilla, Cotter & maybe Uriarra.
  8. I fvcken forgot!!!! Working on the bloody car and it totally escaped my mind, i'm bloody useless. How was it? I NEED to come to a coffee night

    So was it any good??
  9. Was pretty good. Huge turnout, a few teething problems, but for a first effort, excellent result.

  10. if it wasn't for the fact you have actually spotted my twice i would have thought you were an imaginary character (oh and i seen the might yellow storm in goulbourn, wanna buy a nice silver one? :LOL: ) yeah wasn't too bad, as mitch said a few things could have been done a little bit better, but it served it's purpose