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[ACT] Buying New Bike - No Licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sith Lord, May 6, 2008.

  1. A friend of mine is buying a new bike (2nd hand) from a dealer. He's got the finance, done the deal, signed the paperwork, is now ready to pick up the bike. He doesn't have his L's yet (booked for 2 weeks time). I test rode the bike for him and was going to pick it up and ride it back to his place.

    The dealer has now said they won't release the bike to him until he has the "R" updated on his licence!

    Surely this isn't correct. You don't need to have a licence to own a bike - only to ride it?? What if he was doing it up, or riding on private roads??

    Anyone got any info on this. Is the dealer allowed to do this?

  2. Nope, they can't. Tell 'em to give him the keys, or give him the money back and get fcuked.
  3. We think we've worked it out - probably an Insurance issue rather than a purchase issue. We think the insurance he took out with the dealer only covers him - not me or any other rider.

    Might have to take a risk and ride uninsured (probably not), or sitck it on a trailer. Thanks
  4. That still doesn't matter to them. All that'll matter if you ride it then crash it is you won't be covered by insurance.
  5. OK, I've checked it out...

    Possible and legitimate reasons a dealer may need to see your license:
    - You are test-riding one of their motorcycles.
    - Their liability extends to your motorcycle or the insurance in any way at that point in time [note: once you've bought it :arrow: it's yours. They have no further liability for your bike while it's in your possession.]

    What to do when a dealer denies you delivery of your bought and paid for motorcycle:
    Ask the following questions:

    Question 1 to motorcycle dealer:

    By what authority do you demand to see a drivers license, and will you show me that authority here and now?

    Question 2 to motorcycle dealer:

    Can you show me that withholding my property without any legal authority to demand a license from me is not an act of fraud against me?

    Question 3:

    Can you can show that there is a deficiency in my purchase?

    The dealer doesn't have a right to require your license not to withhold YOUR bought and paid for property.
    Unless there's a deficiency with your purchase; it's your bike and you can do whatever you damn-well please with it: including "Take it home."

    If that fails, ask the dealer if you may use their phone to contact the police.
    Ring the nearest department, and ask what the charge would be for a shop that took your money for an item and then refused to give you that item? Put it on speaker phone, obviously.

    Take your bike home. It's yours. Don't listen to their bullshit.