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[ACT] black mountain & cotter loop, Sat Jun 23rd

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: james

    weather permitting...

    meet at caltex (woolies) servo in dickson 9am depart 9.30

    head down northbourne and then up to black mountain tower and back down, before we leave we can discuss which way to go from there as we could go along lady denman on...

    ... more

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  2. ok dick is supposed to be d!ckson

    the forecast is for mostly sunny, so should be a good day for a bit of a ride, if there is anyother roads someone would like to do while out, just let us know
  3. I won't be able to join as Got'M have their monthly ride this weekend and I'm the ride leader. Have fun... I know I will be!!!!
  4. ah yeah thats right, yeah thought about the got'm ride but dont really wanna push the bike too far from town
  5. Do you need a reliable bike? I've got a wonderful old CBR1000F for sale!
  6. lol nah its ok leen, i'll got this storm sorted soon enough
  7. I'm a maybe! The Got'M ride was gonna be my maybe but gotta be home at 3:30 now, so this is a good option.

    If I'm there, I'm there :p :grin:
  8. oh good so i might not be on my lonesome yet :LOL:
  9. I might be going out for a ride with a friend who isn't on the forum, I'll see if I can get him to meet up? We're both noobs though, if everyone else is experienced we don't want to hold them up with our slowness and crappiness :grin:
  10. nah thats fine its just going to be a leisurly ride anyway
  11. Cool, I'll let you know tomorrow.

    I need to get to a coffee night too, one day I'll remember...
  12. hey guys a cruise on saturday morning :idea:
    with plenty of loops to choose from out the cotter way we are bound to have fun :grin:
  13. I'm out, need to do some much needed maintenance and cleaning.
  14. you still got 2 nights to do that kier, man up :p
  15. Yes Kier
    you don't do your maintenance when you get to the track! do it the week before :)
    should I bring a rope just in case ??? :LOL:
  16. Ok I'm definitely in now, probably be by myself. 9:00am at D!ckson woolies servo still? Bloody northsiders, I'm coming riding up from Kambah just to go all the way back again :LOL:
  17. yes still 9am at dickson, at least it finishes up on your side of town :p reason i started it over there is that the isde of town in which most members reside, but either way we do it someone starts from the wrong side and finishes the worng side
  18. Saturday mornings ride was a tad chilly
    was good to meet johno simon and daniel for the first time, hope you had an enjoyable ride

    I heard leen and jacki had a slow motion off in the clay at the road works on the way down the bay on saturday
    all are well and road home, bikes are scratched and brused though :-(
  19. I went and bought some heated grips as soon as I got home, I'm just about to put them on :p

    Good to finally meet some people too, thanks for taking us around.