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-ACT- beer for experienced advice/use of tools.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by coxc, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. I've not been treating my 250 with the tlc it needs of late, it's in need of a chain clean, tightening that hasn't been done in the 8,000 odd ks it's done.

    Mainly because I don't have the experience or tools for the job:-s, it would be great if someone in Canberra could lend me their knowhow and bikestand in exchange for a case of their favourite.

    All you'd need to do is provide some advice while sitting and drinking, hell I'll even do your bike too. :)

  2. contact j-rad on these forums
  3. Will do mate, cheers for the heads up.
  4. I plan on doing mine this weekend. If successful I can offer tools and the little knowledge I've picked up. I don't have a bike stand and I'm planning not to use one so we'll see how we go. Maybe I should drop into CMC and get one...
  5. have you changed the oil in the last 8,000 km ??? have you lubed up your clutch cable,throttle cable,in the last 8,000 km?? have you checked the acid level in your battery in the last 8,000km??.these are things that MUST be looked at ,, buy some second hand tool from ebay , look on youtube on how to do these things ,,, you need tools when you own and ride a motor bike ,, there is more to owning a motor bike than just throwing your leg over the seat pushing the start button and rideing
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  6. Oil/filter was changed at 2,000 and once more since, but is overdue.
    Battery is meant to be 0 maintenance.
    Never lubed cables, I'll check that out, thanks.

    Apprieciate the help.

    I have the basic tools on hand, including a torque wrench, but I have a tendancy to pull things apart without thought as to how to put them back.
  7. when do you want to do it as I am available during the day weekdays and you can do it at my place as I have a stand and tools/ garage I am in Jerrabomberra

    plus you drool at my carbon fibre helmets etc that I have

    will supervise you while you do it

    I have chain lube and kero as well so no need for that you can use mine

    and I dont drink beer but will take a 750ml bottle of gin
  8. the trick is to take LOTS OF PHOTOS as your pulling things apart that way you know how it all goes back together ,, not that hard
  9. Wow, 3 people willing to take time out of their day to help in just a few hours, amazing!

    J-rad seems happy to help, now I just need to find out what the man drinks.

    Many thanks for the offers of assistance, for anyone interested I'm willing to teach the 'advanced chicken wing' and the 'jamming motorcyclist' both of which are capable of ensuring that 4by behind you backs off a few feet. a large speaker attached to the pillion seat helps with jamming motorcyclist. Tinted visors are a must.
  10. Unless you own a modern japanese bike :)

    Good on you for diving & having a go Coxc!
  11. even with a modern jap bike you need to check battery,lube cables ,flush oil,change filters ,check pads,flush break fluid grease all grease nipples ,adjust chain,clean chain ,lube chain, check all nuts and bolts are tight , pulling out your spark plugs and checking that your bike is running good not rich or lean old school way ..and then you can tell the people that are doing the service to look in to it .and after you get it back do some miles and check for your self if it is any better on the spark plug doing these thing will save you money in the long run ... just remember when you take your bike for its service all they do is change the oil ,and may be the filters ,and charge you way to much for what they do if they do it at all
  12. Happy to help a fellow Canberran out always! I'm a vodka drinker and will take whatever you throw at me ;-) I saw the 6litre bottles in Costco that'll do..... hahahaha *jokes*

    'Jamming motorcyclist' - sounds like you're a musician too??

    Anyhow, as per my PM just let me know what to bring above the paddock stand (I have portable tool box I can bring). We'll get you sorted out.

    About the only thing that still has me scratching my head is the bike is fairly new and should be covered by manufacturer warranty so by leaving it longer than the service interval may cause you a headache IF you ever need to claim on something major AND if you service yourself, same deal....

    To be honest though, CBR250s are bulletproof, very hard to kill indeed so if it were my bike I'd be tempted just to service myself....but that's me and it's your choice!

    Pretty close....if not a little overkill....but not sure why several people are recommending to check battery - most of them are sealed units and are worry free aren't they???

    For an 8000km service it's probably a waste to pull the plugs unless it's running like an old lady. However I would replace them at the next service, usually every 10,000kms or so, and you're close to that so queue that up for next time and they're an absolute B1tch to change on the CBR250 so consider paying someone else for THAT headache...! :D

    Also I assume your newer model will be EFI so checking plugs for lean/rich by rights, shouldn't be an issue unless you've made some major changes in airflow/exhaust flow/fuel mixture, again assuming you have not.

    What we can do pretty easily quickly is:
    - Drop the oil (after the bike has been running, hotter oil drops easier)
    - Replace oil filter - I'd usually only do this every 2nd oil change and you've done 2 in 8000kms...(less you change oils of course).
    - Inspect cables, brake pads (opposed to break pads LOL)

    Again - only after bike has been ridden and hot - inspect, clean, adjust and lube the chain(usually leave the lubing until after a ride when the chain is hotter and accepts the oil better and will be less likely to fling off all over ya rims...go the Motul chain wax if you can)

    Hmm what else, yep pretty good idea to go over any bolts you see every now and then....!
  13. your looking for bad connections on the battery and for corrosion ,how do you know if the battery is a sealed battery ,YOU CHECK IT ,, ...as for pulling your spark plugs out to check ,,,no matter if you have efi or carb ,its still a cheap way to tell if the bike is running as good as can be ,new bikes have lots of censers on them if one is not working wright how will you know unless you plug it in to a computer ,you pull the plugs and look at them ,,your saying over kill im saying keeping your ride in good nick.if you ride in the rain ,lube your cables more often .these are things that motor bike riders have been doing for ever ,and is part of owning a motor bike...
  14. Cleaned the chain, rear sprocket and as much of the other things covered in oil as I could reach without removing things. Will let the leftover kero dry overnight and take it out to warm up in the morning (actually in this weather, morning may be 11am), then I'll give it a proper oiling, when I can back.

    Might leave the oil/filter/gasket swap until J-rad can shake his head at how filthy I let it get, hopefully he can run me through the basics of home maitenance, as I can't see myself taking it in for a service at a Honda dealer.

    Burnouts are the best way to clean slippering shit off rear tyres right, get rid of those strips while I'm at it?

    My brother has a nice 250 shadow, while being aesthetic (to some) it's been neglected as bad as most posties, and crashed about as often as a stolen one. No pads, tyre wear, all kinds of electrical problems, including stalling MID ride, and refusing to start (lose battery) battery is held in with crimping (no screws on terminals) and rubber strips. The few times I had to ride it were interesting to say the least, now I inspect bikes before I accept an offer to ride them. My point being, I have no intention of letting my bike fall into that, or any kind of disrepair.

    Vodka you say, you sure you don't like 8 dollar merlo, they have those at costco too. HAHA, vodka it is.
  15. The important thing to remember with a bike is that if it has been neglected in its maintenance that it will not be as forgiving to you as a car would be.

    By this I mean that if something breaks on a car, most likely it will not cause you any physical grief

    However should something of importance let go on a bike it could cause you physical harm