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[ACT] Auto Italia 2007, Sun 25th Mar

Discussion in 'Other States' started by 2ndclasscitizen, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Auto Italia is on this sunday, kicking off around 10am till about 4pm. Always plenty of cool and usual Italian bikes there. Be there by 11.30am, they're having a sound-off for all the bikes. :twisted:

    Plus, Lambo is the featured car marque this year :grin:
  2. Noice - I'll be there for sure.
  3. I went, i saw, i was deafened :LOL:
    I was there for the sound off, pretty damn loud, a Ducati 1971, 450, single cyclinder won it, went to 260 decibels and then off the scale :cool: There was also a vespa in it, recorded 210 decibels :shock:
    I thought you might have been there Mitch, i didnt see you shooting off pics though....
  4. Yeah man I was there during the sound-off, underneath the canopy near the Boat House blasting away like mad with my cam. F**k me that white Duc was loud, and that dude on the Piaggio got so many cheers, despite covering everyone behind it (me included) in two-stroke oil.